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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Would you gain 90 pounds for a good cause?

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Meet Paul "PJ" James. He is a personal trainer and model. He decided to gain weight so he could see what it was like for people struggling to lose weight. In five months he gained 90 pounds eating anything he wanted, whenever he wanted. He could eat 4 pizzas in one sitting. His calorie intake was about 15,000 per day. The average person needs about 2,000 calories a day so he was eating enough food for 7 people.

Most people don't gain weight that quickly. We put on 2-5 pounds a year gradually eating a diet we consider normal or maybe a little bit indulgent. Naturally his health was affected and he had a lot of pain. His liver and kidney functioning were becoming stressed and his blood sugar was putting him at risk for diabetes.

Last July he began working out to lose the weight and had his experiences filmed for a documentary that will be out soon. He isn't revealing anything more, since we have to watch it when it comes out for public viewing. I will be curious to hear how he worked through his obstacles. He stated the emotional impact take a very big toll on him.

I wouldn't recommend this kind of experiment, but it will be interesting to see what kind of changes he will institute with his future clients. Looking for the big secret or lucky approach seems to grab the headlines because obesity and overweight issues but his story will certainly provide insight on the long term needs of anyone who is overwhelmed with health concerns.

In his situation, he was speeding up the aging process creating the foundation for diseases that typically become problematic for older adults. The bad news is seen in children and young adults who are now developing type II diabetes, now a recent phenomenon.

I welcome you to learn more about the Vital Aging Protocol that is now offered in the office. We will address the five causes of aging:
(1) methylation
(2) glycation
(3) inflammation
(4) oxidation
(5) DNA damage

Mr. James experienced all these with his experimental life style change.
The most exciting part of his transformation is that he probably (I'm guessing, now) did it without any fancy technology offered by the medical arena. Healthy eating, and fitness will be his likely ammunition since he already is a personal trainer and he has this advantage. If he relied on pain medication, anti-inflammatories, prediabetes and cholesterol meds, this will be an interesting caveat since people on medication hang on to weight gain due to the toxic nature of drugs.

The Vital Aging Protocol is easy access and affordable, so I urge anyone interested to stay positive. We can be successful.

Here are some news stories about Mr. Paul James:

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-Dr. Lisa
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