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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"I got osteoporosis anyway." We're Doomed!

I get a lot of my ideas and material to write about from commercials. After all, they are so pravelent. Advertising works. It's been proven. But who is it working for? Sadly, there aren't enough commercials about chiropractic so blogs like this and chiripractic practice members who talk to others are the good old fashioned ways that really work at getting the message across. If you want true health freedom, do not rely on the mainstream media. Rely on your own personal research. And ask questions when you come in for your regular adjustments.

Today I heard Sally Field say once again, "I got osteoporosis anyway." What do most people, especially women, think? They think they are doomed. She took calcium, Vitamin D, and exercised but it didn't help her.

Bone breaks down faster than it builds up for a number of reasons, namely the body's systems are over stressed and it needs to rob calcium from bones to make up for the abuse.

What Sally Field doesn't tell us is what type of calcium and Vitamin D she took. It matters. Some supplements (the cheap ones) actually create free radicals! Only your chiropractor or natural health practitioner will tell you that.

I haven't read anywhere that Sally Field is an avid chiropractic user. We have no idea what longterm stress she has been under. We really don't know.

We do know that the rate of hip fractures has not changed since the 1960's according to a study cited in Alternative Medicine Magazine.

There has also been quiet talk of osteoporosis drugs causing bone fractures do to an unbalanced build up of bone. Do we really know if this artificially built up bone is quality bone tissue?

If you want to understand hormone balance read John R. Lee's books

you get to choose.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

---Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

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