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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Silent Majority: Subluxations Out of Control Derailing Our Health

I was listening to a radio show that mentioned the "silent majority" of people who dislike the current entertainment trends negatively influencing society. This "silent majority" remains silent because it seems futile to speak out against it.

As a chiropractor who teaches the common neurological progression of all dis-eases in the body and mind are connected to the subluxation is in the silent majority as well. When people are not educated or ignore the science of subluxation degeneration, they have turned their back on a critical health problem in this world.

There is no point in saying heart disease and cancer are the number one killers in the U.S. While these diagnoses appears to be the immediate cause of death on autopsy reports or death certificates, no one can argue the lifetime accumulation of stress that has damaged organs, blood vessels, nerves, and the communication system of the body that coordinates healing.

Subluxations play an incredible role in maintaining health, yet, only a small portion of the population take this threat seriously. Rather than comment on the lack of information disseminated in public service announcements or the problems with insurance coverage and non-chiropractors attempting to illegally practice chiropractic without a license, I only need to repeat one sentence from a chiropractic class called the neurological basis of disease:

Only 10% of all nociceptive nerve signals reach the brain.

Nociception is a process when something noxious or not normal is happening in the body and the nerves received this message. The spinal cord filters out these signals and only 10% of the time the brain notified. If these signals do not reach the brain, you do not feel any pain. If you do not feel any pain, you assume all is well.

Subluxations are not painful 90% of the time but they continuously downgrade the nervous system's ability to respond to stress and heal.

Many are not concerned with the silent majority called subluxations. I am concerned about it every day of my life.

While you may have different priorities regarding your chiropractic care, I am focused on the silent effects of subluxations.

For more information, please visit the science page of my web site and ask questions during your visit.

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