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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fight for Your Health / The FDA's Betrayal

Fight for Your Health
Exposing the FDA's Betrayal of America

by Byron J. Richards

An eye opening book.

"It is a must-read for anyone who wants the truth delivered with impeccable facts and enveloping prose."

"Every person in America who values their life and their health needs to read this book."


Fight for Your Health is a stunning exposé into the secret world of the FDA, Wall Street, and drug companies. At stake is the health and well-being of all Americans. Adverse reactions, even deaths, are hidden while dangerous drugs are pushed on Americans, especially children—simply for profit. The FDA is actively attacking health freedom and seeking to eliminate natural health options. Arm yourself with invaluable information that will help you take charge of your health:

FDA working on behalf of drug companies

Mind-control through “mental health”

The true Codex story; health option control

Globalization at the expense of Americans

Poisoning us with our food and water

Your DNA in government computers

Fight for Your Health documents the scope and severity of prescription-drug fraud in America. It explains, for the first time, how Americans are prescribed billions of dollars' worth of drugs that have serious health consequences. It exposes the inappropriate and detrimental uses of bone drugs, brain drugs, and cholesterol-lowering medication.

Using drugs for prevention and to regulate behavior in children is a medical disaster, undermining the health of our nation. Medical doctors, under the influence of pervasive pharmaceutical marketing, rely on drug-based care for disease prevention and the treatment of people with dubious behavioral diagnoses. Our children are especially at risk: They are being exposed to a national clinical drug trial--an experiment with their brains that will have lifelong consequences.

The FDA has put into mothballs its federal mandate to protect the public. In order to foster drug sales, the FDA hides important medical data from the public and from doctors, including the risks of heart attacks, suicide, seizures, and serious mental-health debility. Even worse, the FDA has changed sides. They are actively undermining the rights of citizens to claim damages if injured by drugs. And they are seeking to remove safety barriers to drug testing. They are planning to expose many individuals to unproven drugs, a new form of human experiment.
President Bush has filled the top positions at the FDA with major promoters of drug sales. The priority of these men is to rush unproven drugs to market, for the financial benefit of Wall Street and Big Pharm.

The FDA is now actively involved in the drug-design business, using sophisticated software to assist pharmaceutical companies in drug development.

The FDA is utterly incompetent to monitor the safety of existing drugs on the market. They ignore the numerous adverse side effects that are reported from toxic drugs used for prevention. They are not able to inform the consumer public of the true risks or possible problems associated with almost any medication.

An example, detailed in Fight for Your Health, is the wide-spread use of statins for lowering cholesterol. These medications are portrayed to the public as safe and effective, when in fact they are among the most dangerous and health-deteriorating drugs that exist. Virtually all adverse side effects of statins, except severe muscle damage and death, are ignored by the FDA. Instead, the FDA promotes seriously toxic use of these these drugs—even for prevention.

At the same time that the FDA is fostering drug development and drug sales, they are actively working to suppress natural-health options which hold tremendous health-care potential, especially for prevention of serious problems. In fact, the FDA assists international efforts to ban the use of helpful nutritional options in America. They continue this effort, even though the majority of Americans fully support natural-health options. The FDA has become an aberrant police force, working against health, rather than protecting us.

Learn the details—empower yourself to Fight for Your Health.

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