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Friday, September 22, 2006

When Nutrition Doesn't Work

There are so many nutritional products on the market. This shows there is an interest in being pro-active about health. There are many good products distributed by well known, ethical companies. There are also numerous products that are not high quality. How many times have I talked to patients who tried sub-standard products only to be disappointed. What I hate to see is someone who completely gives up on a nutritional protocol.

Don't Give Up

Using poor quality supplements is not the only reason people do not see results. Often their bodies are so malnourished, a long period of healing is needed. Is there malnutrition in this country? Oh, yes! Obesity is the #1 sign of malnutrition. Quantity of food is not the issue, but quality is a big concern. The body stays hungry when there is inadequent nutrient intake. The body is hungry for vitamins and minerals.

For people who understand that the modern diet has many deficencies, it makes sense to them to also supplement. Anyone who wants to start a total nutritional overhaul can start first with their food choices.

For diet and supplementation to work, the body must be able to digest and absorb nutrients. A digestive tract that is injured by years of poor nutrition will not respond well, even when healthier habits are introduced.

Vertebral subluxations also inhibit normal digestive tract function. Longterm spinal problems and simple postural strain can disturb the nerves to the digestive system, including the liver, stomach and pancreas.

Supplements need help, as well. The average multivitamin is missing essential enzymes, probiotics and essential fats.

All is not lost, however. A little bit of information and a wellness plan that takes these issues into consideration, will give the results people are looking for.

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