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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Unraveling the Cholesterol Mystery in Women

Did you know it is typical for menopausal women to have HIGH cholesterol? There is a logical reason why, and we should tell our doctors not to panic. Enjoy this guest column from Sharon Grimes, CNHC.

Unraveling the Cholesterol Mystery in Women

Cholesterol: how high is too high, and how low is too low?

Did you know that a healthy cholesterol level is actually between 175 and 250? Cholesterol performs many important functions in our body, so it is dangerous to reduce overall cholesterol below this level.

The lower the number goes (down in the 120’s or below), the more hormone dysfunction both men and women will experience. It is not uncommon for women to experience infertility and/or miscarriages at this dangerously low level.

And, here’s another surprise – cholesterol levels might rise to 300-400 in women during the last trimester of pregnancy, and during their menopausal time of life. Both of these occasions in a woman’s life are times of great hormonal fluctuations, and the rise in cholesterol numbers serves to protect the woman’s body and guide it through this hormonal transition.

After birth, and post-menopause, the cholesterol levels normalize back into the 175-250 range IF the woman is eating a healthy diet rich in essential fatty acids (fish, flax and olive oils) and fiber.

Celebrate the hormonal symphony of life going on in your body...naturally! If you would like further nutritional information, or general information about normalizing your cholesterol levels in a healthy manner, contact Sharon Grimes, Certified Natural Health Constultant/Educator at 315/252-2676 at the New Hope Natural Health & Wellness Center, 181 York Street, Auburn.
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They have to put that on the drug's insert.
Why do they have to do that? Because it is the truth!!

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