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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Dear Elderly: Take Care of Business

Call to Action: Health is attainable at every age. There may be more layers to peel off, but  it's worth the effort.  

This blog post can be considered a continuation from the last one.  Scroll a bit and find it.  I was upset about the half finished news stories that warn the elderly to stay home because they are more prone to a viral illness.  

Who said they had to be prone to illness?  I call that age discrimination.  

If you watch my videos and listen to my explanations in the office, you know age just means you've had more time to accrue toxins in your body.  The stress of these toxins are fatiguing to the body.  They interfere with cellular function and tissues become weaker.  

But we know the body has the capacity to heal.  First, you must believe that you have that ability to heal.  And second, you have to teach yourself how to support the organ systems that work so hard for you. 

Now, you don't have to start a work out program at a cross fit gym like these folks, but aren't they inspiring?

The BFA (Brain First Always) Protocol is specially designed to help someone walk through the steps that improve brain and body function.  

You learn how to move the brain, feed the brain, and talk to the brain.  Check out my BFA Crash Course.

Check Out Episode 19: Are You More Toxin than Human?

You already have the tools.  Let me join you on your journey and help you learn how to use the tools proficiently. 

Be inspired by older athletes.

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