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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Please Help Society Do Better

Call to Action: Use your influence to reshape the negativity going around. Fear is very damaging to the immune system.  The chiropractic philosophy promotes the life affirming intention of innate.  This is inspirational and healing.  If you need to understand it better, please let me know.  Doctor means teacher. Who is teaching you to embrace life?

My original title was: What's Wrong with Society? I want to sound more positive, but you have to admit there is negativity, as well that should move us to seek the positive and be positive. 

Someone I know is in the hospital.  This person had to go by ambulance, and was given a devastating diagnosis.  After about four days this person was finally given a sleep medication and finally was able to get a bit of improved sleep.  Mind you, nobody sleeps well in the hospital.  

There is no family allowed in the hospital.  No one is there to advocate.  This alone is disturbing. The person's mother called me to discuss the situation.  I am truly appreciative that I was trusted enough to be called.  The best advice I could give was to encourage them to get this person discharged and back home in a reasonable amount of time and make no other decisions yet. Receiving a diagnosis is so stressful that there must be some time in between any decision making.  

I was told there didn't seem to be enough staff on hand.  For a sick person, the waiting has to be excruciating.  Regardless of what is happening in the emergency rooms, (And our town is not overwhelmed) there are other suffering people who deserve to have adequate mental, spiritual, and physical care on the other floors of the hospital. 

I also know of a lady whose husband died of natural causes in the hospital.  She knew she would not be allowed in to see him.  She said her good-bye in their house.  He was alone for 4 days in the hospital.

I wish this experience on no one.  For some people this is irreparabl e harm.  We can do better than that. 

Fear becomes physical when it is inciting a cortisol response in the body.  This in turn weakens the lymphocytes that protect you from infection. 

We do not need to incite fear in each other.   

We don't need to keep fueling our fear with news shows that are counting their ratings hoping for a big payoff from sensational reporting coming from half truths.  

Our bodies are more than capable of healing from traumatic events, especially infections.  If you do not believe that, your lack of confidence is a major health risk.  

It's time to build that confidence  back up with some education and action.  We do it with the BFA Protocol.  Brain First Always.

You can release yourself from anything that doesn't serve you.  You have the power withing.  You can get more comfortable using this power.


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