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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Irresponsible Medical Mouthpiece (More SOS)

If you are older or love someone who is older, listen up!

Call to Action:  You'd better check your pulse.  If you're not fired up, you are in a downward cycle of mental paralysis.

Dear Friends: 
I don't care how many times a day you check the news. When you do, however, ask yourself some questions.  Don't accept the short sound bites.  Completing the story is not part of the agenda. 

This is more of my SOS - Severe Opinion Syndrome. 

All you hear from the reporters is that this virus is impacting the older population.  If someone is considered at risk, they are told to avoid contact with other people and stay shut in.  

That's It?  As another week of emotional upheaval comes to an end, I want to start out the next week with a fresh perspective.  I have heard from people who are angry to be put off and ignored. Others are downright scared.  

If you remember any of my talks the most detrimental aspect of the fight or flight scenario is when someone reaches the point of freeze or faint.  This is when there is no fight left.  It is learned helplessness with extreme low energy and organ system failure.  

I am especially at the end of my rope with the reporting that does not offer the reasons why the elderly and immune compromised are at risk.  So, I am taking that on as my job.  

If you are at risk, you have the responsibility to change it.  You owe it to yourself to ask compelling questions to people who are going to give you the natural, non-drug answers.  

So, if you're older you're suppose to just sit in your living room wondering when you can go back out?  I know plenty of retired people who are not at the extreme point where they are waiting for permission to enjoy the outside world.  And they are doing fine.  However, there are others who are hesitating to live. This fear is so disabling and detrimental to the immune system. 

If you are concerned about your brain and immune health, get the information that explains why your cells may be toxic, and dysfunctional.  Find out why you have weakened, inflamed collagen that makes you feel sickly with no strength.  

I am angry at the actual medical doctors who go on TV to give interviews and stop short with actual life saving information.  I am not surprised but I am done with it.  

I am no smarter than anyone else.  So, I went to college for a decade.  Big deal.  I learned how to use big words instead of smaller words, but anyone can learn how the body works.  

You can inform yourself.  You can do the low tech / hands on activities that make a difference in your life.

If you want to save yourself some time, sign up for BFA Coaching so you can apply this information immediately to your life in a way that is meaningful and rewarding.

The information is all over my office, on the bulletin boards, on hand outs, on your individual PART plans, The BFA template, my videos, etc. 

You already have the tools.  I want to help you use them proficiently. 

Allow me to give you some encouragement right now: 

Digest this quote from Tony Robbins: 

“Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.” – Tony Robbins 

I am here to help you get beyond the incongruencies of the current world mind-set.  Your life can't change until you kick bad thinking our of your brain.  There's a great deal of old, outdated health information, I will help you navigate around.  While we have immense organizations working within financial incentives to provide ineffective health care, your own decisions matter.  "They" don't care if you are unhealthy.  You're just a statistic. Since you have to live with the consequences, get informed and make the better decisions. 

Thanks for reading this far.  You are not alone. 

BFA Coaching Invitation

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

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