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Saturday, August 25, 2018

"I Slept Wrong" Is Code for I Am In Denial

(Image Courtesy: Keystone Chiropractic)

I've heard this at least once a month if not more often from practice members, "I slept wrong."

People say it so often it is taken for granted.  It is like the boy who cried wolf so many times that no one noticed him anymore.

Yes, I slept wrong last night, and it didn't happen by accident. I woke up today with a sharp ache in my my right shoulder blade.  It was a reminder that I did not follow my usual routine and now I am paying for it. 

I really didn't sleep wrong.  I did a lot of things wrong.  For starters, I stayed up until it was close to midnight.  I typically go to bed at 9:30.   

Also, I seemed to graze all day long, snacking on almond butter and coconut milk.  That doesn't sound too bad, but my intermittent fasting went out the window.  

I didn't eat dinner until after 8 PM.  So, the evening just keeps getting worse. I was in Ithaca and stopped at Green Star to grab something from the hot bar.  And grab, I sure did.  I got a small carton of turkey salad.  Then I noticed some nice samplings of Indian cuisine made with coconut sauce, and another dish with spinach and chick peas.  I couldn't resist a dark chocolate tart either. 

I also took a few bites of my son's chocolate whoopie cookie.  It told him it was made with healthy ingredients.  He was almost in a panic.  He said, "No way."  Well, it was till sweet and carby, but not artificial.  

When I get to bed late I can wake up with a mountainous head ache.  This morning I was lucky.  I felt very dehydrated and stiff.  I managed to escape the head pain.  I don't mean to joke about it, since I know so many people suffer with persistent headaches. I knew I was risking it because I want to stay up on weekends like everyone else.  However, it is just not a smart practice. 

I did not skip my usual bedtime supplements and I believe that helped me stave off the dreaded "I Slept Wrong," scenario.  I take Min-Tran, Min-Chex or Bio-Dent before bed. 

(If you want to know more about my health routine, just ask at your next appointment.)

When people come to me and say they slept wrong, it is usually the straw that broke the camel's back.  Alleviating the muscle tension with an adjustment is helpful, but they have to admit they are constantly feeding the fire of inflammation that gives them pain, brain fog, and low energy.  

There is never one cause.  It is a complex formula of stresses until the body finally throws in the towel and falls down on the job.  It is the perfect storm, as they say.  

The body's sensory system has a high tolerance level.  You can suffer incredible tissue damage in the organs and muscles before you are finally alerted with an uncomfortable and disruptive pain process. 

Mechanical stressors are easy to figure out.  It takes more honest introspection to admit you are exposing yourself to chemical and emotional stress, as well.  They all damage the body the same way.  

Most of the stress we ignore is the stress that requires us to seriously evaluate our lives.  Work demands, family squabbles, and financial difficulty are health wreckers.  If we don't have the courage to face them, our bodies break down.  

Denial is a disease. 

How did I go from a lousy pillow to a life crisis?  

The Perfect Storm......

Let's take care of it.  Take the negative and learn from it.  There so many ways we can incorporate the positive.  First, help your brain with a nice batch of chiropractic adjustments over the next month. 

See you at the table... the adjusting table. 
--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Why Healthy People Are Lonely

Is it difficult to do healthy things because no one else wants to do it with you?   Do people argue with you when you explain why you want to maintain your health gains?  

This really hit home with me when I read  a recent blog from Mark's Daily Apple titled: I feel better than I ever did in my life. 
The writer said she was almost divorced when she got healthy and her closest family members got sicker. I hate to see people suffer.  Of course, no one wants to see their loved ones suffer, but it's a tricky situation.

I have many practice members who tell their friends when they are going to the chiropractor the response is, "What's wrong with you?"  When they explain they don't have any major problems, the idea of maintenance falls on deaf ears.   

I was ridiculed for running so much.  I really liked to run.  I wondered why people don't ask me questions out of curiosity?  Why do the comments have to be so mean?

So, if you have a devoted work out partner, you are very lucky. 

Diet is another emotionally charged subject.  I was reading a poll on Facebook asking people what is the strangest comment they've heard from people regarding their low carb/keto life style.  

One person mentioned how she was doing with intermittent fasting and someone told her it sounded too expensive.  

Another person said friends don't ask her to eat at restaurants anymore and another is left out of vacations because their choices are too problematic.  

How about the person who has quit smoking?  Many typical activities are now off limits in order to avoid temptation. 

Why do we feel less support?  Why do we have to turn to internet friendships when those closest to us don't share our enthusiasm?

I don't have many good answers to the why question.  But I can offer support.  If you are a practice member at my office, you are not alone.  There are plenty of folks who have goals that are similar to yours. You'll find it in the waiting room.  So, don't be shy.  Strike up a conversation.  

See you soon. 
Dr. Lisa

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

There's No Time

Are you running out of time?

How do you determine what is important for your to-do list?
What essential tasks get pushed aside?

Everyone around you gets something from you, and little time is left for you to replenish your health.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day.  (168 hours in a week)

I know, you've heard that before.  The ultra perfect people in your life make you feel bad by harping on this. 

I run out of time almost everyday I'm in the office.  Life is stressful and folks come in the office so drained, they can barely feel present enough to receive their adjustment in a relaxed manner.

What is it like adjusting a body that can't relax?
It saddens me.
It's like working on a car with rusted out parts.  Are my efforts going to be effective?

People come in to get immediate relief from an adjustment.  They can breathe deeper to get more oxygen circulating.  Their muscles can feel looser.  They can move with more ease.  Their brain can get out of a hyper state to function better in a calmer state.  Brain waves always improve with an adjustment. The domino effect on someone's life is profound.

But the stress is still there. The adjustment may only have temporary effects when  the body is being drowned by recurring interference.  

I need more time to teach people.  But I also need refreshed brains who can receive the information.  

Will you help me save time?

Watch this video that let's us know what hidden stresses are the most challenging.  The fixes are very reasonable, but you can't fix it until you are aware of it.

Come to your next adjustment appointment with your questions so you can move forward.   I want to adjust a body that has an inspired potential.  Feel the difference ASAP! 

Read how your adjustment can clear out the destructive pattern of learned helplessness.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

When Your Nervous System Picks Up the Bad Habit of Learned Helplessness

When the brain is overwhelmed, nerve signals reinforce a learned helplessness.  This is why people know they need to do things differently but can't seem to get past that stuck intertia.

When you are stressed, cortisol is released and it purposely drives blood away from your brain.  How can you make well, thought out decisions in a deprived state of mind?

De-stress your Emotional Network
Emotions are a survival mechanism. The brain efficiently embeds physical responses to emotions that are repeated over time. (You've heard of fake news, right? How about fake brain misreading signals?)

When a current emotion matches a cataloged emotional memory from the past, the limbic system can initiate over-exaggerated body responses.

Nervous System Confusion is an invisible reason for being unwell.
Chronic fatigue
 Inflammatory conditions
Mold sensitivity
Natural approaches don't work for you
Electronic sensitivity 
Unexpected negative response to supplements
 Unexpected negative response to a nutritional detox
Sound sensitivity
Food sensitivity
Light sensitivity

Vagus Nerve Dysfunction also follows suit:
chronic pain heart rate changes digestive issues
auto-immune dysfunction speech difficulty phase I detox issues
anxiety blood pressure changes learning difficulty
depression sweating memory problems
breathing problems poor liver function
throat problems

A  S.T. A.R. Session can help you shift gears.

STAR stands for soft tissue adhesion release and stress taming adrenal re-wiring. 

It is a 30 minute extended adjustment session to relax the limbic system.

Harness your nervous system to work for you not against you.
Limbic Systems Boosting during a STAR Session:
- deeper breathing 
 - adjustment reinforces calmness, brain gets a reboot.
-Ess. Oils aromatherapy  
- visualization, guided imagery, recruit new nerve
- stillness, silence patterns to replace unwanted patterns while relaxed
- tuning fork deep relaxation

Neurons that fire together, wire together.
STAR Sessions set a stage for new learning in the brain.

Set up an appointment today.

Helpful Books:
The End of Stress by Don Joseph Goewey 
 They Can't Find Anything Wrong by David Clarke
Back in Control by David Hanscom 
Wired for Healing by Annie Hopper

Friday, June 29, 2018

Are Your Suffering from "Survival Tension?"

How to Combat
Survival Tension”

AKA: Survival Responses Gone Awry

Nagging soreness, stiffness Chronic pain Fatigue
Brain fog Memory problems
Digestive distress / IBS 
 Anxious worry

The Chiropractic Health Building Life Style offers you a comprehensive way to give your body what it needs to thrive!!!

Feeling stuck? Want more energy?
Chiropractic with Nutrition clears out most unwanted body patterns.
Sometimes your Emotional Network needs additional attention

Emotions are part of the body's survival mechanism, designed to work with great efficiency in your nervous system.

The brain will turn on certain physical responses when similar emotions are repeated over time.

We can utilize some Overlapping Techniques with your chiropractic care to release these deeper engrained body responses.

Ask for the Chiropractic Health Building Life Style Summary Sheet for more details

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Dr. Lisa's Reading List

Check out these nice reads to keep the momentum going.  A good book will keep you inspired on the wellness journey.  (This is part of the "I" in my BRAIN mnemonic.  More on that later.)

Also, from this list there are 3 titles I haven't read yet.  If you get to them before me, be sure to tell me what I am missing.

Chiropractic First
I Stand Amazed by Geri L. Carlson
Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul
Wake Up, Humans by Steve Judson
The Reality Check, by Heidi Haavik

Chiropractic in a Wellness Plan
The 100 Year Lifestyle
Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich

Inflammation, Chronic Pain, Chronic Disease
The Deflame Diet
Back to the Basics of Human Health, by Mary Frost
The Autoimmune Solution by Amy Myers
Back in Control by David Hanscom

The Deflame Diet
How to Cure Diabetes, by Sherry Rogers (good book for all, not just the diabetic)
The Obesity Code

Low Carb
Life Without Bread
The Deflame Diet
Primal Body Primal Mind
The Primal Blueprint

Brain Programming / Welcoming Positive Change
The Brain that Changes Itself
Cure: A Journey in to the Science of Mind Over Body
Back in Control by David Hanscom
Change or Die
Primal Body Primal Mind
Why Isn't My Brain Working? By Datis Kharrazian (Read Chapter 1 & 21 first)

Auto-immune Disorders / Leaky Gut
The Autoimmune Solution by Amy Myers
The Deflame Diet
Primal Body Primal Mind

Monday, June 04, 2018

Better Life with a Brain Upgrade - Part 1

Brain-Gain is the goal of chiropractic. 

The chiropractic adjustment is how we access the brain via the spine so your innate intelligence can deliver living impulses to the rest of the body.

But, your innate intelligence NEEDS a receptive body, including the brain.  

Can your organs and tissues receive these living messages?

Give your body the best:

B    bed, brake

R    repeat, reinforce, rewire, replace

A    adjustments, activity, AAA Awareness

I     information

N    nutrition

So, for Part 1 of this blog series, I will explain the "B" part of my brain mnemonic.  

This seems obvious, I hope.  Good sleep where you go to bed at the same time every night, (that does not mean stay up late on weekends) is crucial for health.  When you skimp on sleep, your body just doesn't keep up. And you feel it. 

In our society, you are nearly heroic if you keep yourself so busy that you supposedly get by on only a few hours of sleep a night.  To understand the problem of sleep deprivation, google: American Academy of Sleep Medicine and sleep deprivation to get nice resource/ fact sheet.

Many people find it hard to sleep due to pain, so keeping focused on the entire Brain-Gain plan can help.  The benefits are overlapping. 

"Brake" is a certain mind-set  to help you take ownership of a new health experience.   An important aspect of protecting your brain from stress is realizing you cannot shift gears without slowing down first. Shifting gears gives you a new journey, but it requires a mental commitment and then making changes to your plate.  You can't do that without slowing down to make new plans. 

So if you're ready to move forward in your brain health, stay tuned for Part 2 in the Brain-Gain Series. 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Adrenal Wars and the Chiropractic Peace Maker

image courtesy: japete @

We know when the body is in a perpetual "fight or flight," the nervous system will memorize the pattern.  It becomes much easier to set off the reaction.  

Also when cortisol, released by the adrenal glands, is high, blood flow to the brain is reduced.  When this happens long term, you can understand the significant problems that can arise (especially poor thinking).  

Most of the time we are not in a true "fight or flight" scenario where our lives are in immediate danger to injury or death.  A close call on the highway is a real sense of danger, but once it's over, you continue driving along toward your destination.  

Emotional "fight or flight" during which we constantly face financial demands, an overbearing coworker, moody family members, seems to keep recycling itself.  You experience it when a bad interaction with someone morphs into a repetitive chain of arguments.  This is the feeling of constantly walking on eggshells.  The constant stream of adrenal surge can turn highly functional humans into a stubborn toddler like state.

When everyone is under stress the rewiring becomes such a success that we automatically disregard normal politeness.  We take out our frustrations on each other.  

The classical study of rats overcrowded in a cage illustrates the domino effect of stress induced panic spreading to the entire group.  Do we let our internal adrenal storms harm each other?  Angry people getting angrier at each other can be a contagious vicious cycle.

We hope the waiter taking our order is in a good mood and that everything in his life is going well.  We hope police officers have a healthy state of adrenal function when they encounter each 911 call.  We hope our child's teacher has a good adrenal balance so our child is exposed to positive mental wiring five days a week.  

While not everyone understands the wider and more profound benefits of chiropractic, those of you reading this article can be the catalyst of a healing butterfly effect.  Image courtesy:

Chiropractic enthusiasts committed to lifetime maintenance care understand the reality of brain-drain in their own lives and how it carries over into their loved ones lives.  They have solid plan in place that provides them with big dividends.  

They know the need to clear out spinal subluxations so the brain isn't robbed of energy.  They pay attention to brain nutrition understanding what dietary habits are more beneficial.  They also have a healthy reaction to the ups and downs of life. 

If you need a refresher or want to ramp up your wellness activities, let's talk about it your next visit. 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

There is no Auto-Pilot -- Think Chiro-Pilot

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as auto-pilot when it comes to health.  To promote life we need some basic things such as air, nutrients, water and a nerve system that will oversee all your bodily functions and necessary healing. 

I call it putting yourself on Chiro-Pilot.   There are 5 easy points to remember:

C    Community
H    Harmony
I      Innate
R     Rebuild
O    Opportunity

Community   -  You are a member, not a patient.

Harmony -  Chiropractic care is drug free and surgery free.  We focus on approaches that nurture (not burden) the body using natural means that are easily accessible to  everyone, namely adjustments, nutrients, and emotional support. 

Innate - We have the innate capacity to heal, but innate needs a receptive body.  We learn how to provide that. 

Rebuild - The maintenance program at Homic Advanced Chiropractic allows us to repair and rebuild the tissue pathways so innate can deliver the brain's healing messages.

Opportunity - You have an amazing opportunity to re-brand your life and experience functional freedom. You are the very person who can inspire your loved ones to do the same.

The ABC's of Chiropractic -- Your New Journey Starts Here

The ABC's of Chiropractic
  • We live in a society that is hostile to true health.  
  • How do we make peace with that and thrive?
  • We decide what side of stubborn to be on.

From the Desk of Dr. Lisa Ann Homic: 

Welcome to a Different Approach.
I am here to offer you something different.  Doing what you are already doing now may not be working, or you are looking to improve on something in your lifestyle.  I am excited to join you on the journey.  

Here's a little intro on what I offer you that is different.

I don't work on problems.    I work on attitudes.  

Attitudes can make us sick.  Attitudes make us lose belief in our own capacity to heal.  Learned helplessness is a common attitude that needs changing in our stressed out world. 
The good news is: Attitudes can always be changed.  

If you have a positive, forward looking attitude, you will find the chiropractic experience a journey worth taking. 

It all fits in the ABC's

How do I start?
A   Ask
B   Believe
C   Commit 

Ask yourself:  What can I do differently that will change my life in a positive direction.
Believe that despite all your bad luck, and past disappointments, you can heal and thrive. 
Commit to a lifestyle that has rewards beyond your initial expectations.

What is Chiropractic about?
A  Always 
B  Brain 
C  Centered
  We access your healing potential (innate) through the spine. The nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is opened up through spinal adjustments.

What is our biggest health thief?
A  Adrenaline
B  Brain
C  Crisis
Mental, chemical and physical stress rewires our bodies into a weak state where breakdown and dis-ease take hold.  Together, we work on identifying and modifying our stressors so we can reclaim our energy, optimism, and ambition to make our community a better place. 

How do we do it?
A  Adjustments
B  Balance our Plates
C  Correct Deficiencies 

Actually this includes D, E, F, but we'll get into the basics first. 

There is no Auto-Pilot - - Think Chiro-Pilot
Unfortunately, there is no such thing as auto-pilot when it comes to health.  To promote life we need some basic things such as air, nutrients, water and a nerve system that will oversee all your bodily functions and necessary healing. 

I call it putting yourself on Chiro-Pilot.   There are 5 easy points to remember:

C    Community
H    Harmony
I      Innate
R     Rebuild
O    Opportunity

Community   -  You are a member, not a patient.

Harmony -  Chiropractic care is drug free and surgery free.  We focus on approaches that nurture (not burden) the body using natural means that are easily accessible to  everyone, namely adjustments, nutrients, and emotional support. 

Innate - We have the innate capacity to heal, but innate needs a receptive body.  We learn how to provide that. 

Rebuild - The maintenance program at Homic Advanced Chiropractic allows us to repair and rebuild the tissue pathways so innate can deliver the brain's healing messages.

Opportunity - You have an amazing opportunity to re-brand your life and experience functional freedom. You are the very person who can inspire your loved ones to do the same.

Monday, April 16, 2018

"Crave Life" Functional Freedom System

Do you have an effective system?

Welcome to the Crave Life System
Without a are scattered.....disconnected....stuck
If your current system has some holes.....let's fill 'em up
Welcome to Functional Freedom Fridays

Come to a Friday Workshop
Fill in the blanks to fill up your life.

Crave Life

New Rules of Weight Loss

Find out:
Why exercise is painful & why you don't need it to lose weight
The difference between bloat and body fat
Why sleep still leaves you tired
The real causes of weight gain
** How you can change the opioid epidemic (with weight loss??? REALLY)

Functional Freedom Workshop

April 21, 2018

Choose: 12:30 – 1:00 PM or 5:30 – 6 PM
Get reacquainted with your body!!
Rekindle the Love with Dr. Lisa's “Crave Life” Program

Monday, February 19, 2018

America Promotes Sickness: Thanks, But No Thanks

Until you know how sick you are, you don't know how well you can be. 

America promotes sickness.  We have to accept it and work very carefully on avoiding this sickness mentality.  If we don't practice discernment, we will lose control of our lives. 

Another school shooting has occurred and people are debating each other harshly on how the prevent future tragedies. I get it.  We trust others around us to not inflict harm.  The golden rule.... and then this happens. 

Now, we have an individual who "lost control" and people are demanding more ways to control each other, and gun control is the major topic because of we look at the last thing that happened rather than back track to the earlier dilemmas. 

I'd like to take a deeper look at the problem.  It began years ago in this young man.  It began decades ago for the rest of us.   We have the awful consequence of generational sickness being passed on from sick parent to sick offspring. I'm not talking about poverty. I'm talking about a brain sickness from stress hormones and inflammation. 

The individual who was arrested last week, was adopted but his adoptive parents are now both deceased.  Police were familiar with him and people knew he was a youth at risk.  We can analyze his life from birth to arrest and argue how the system failed at protecting the public.

Now, I want to pose a different theory that is difficult to swallow, but needs to be heard.  We all have the same sickness, but it doesn't come to this extreme point for most of us. 

When I say generational sickness, it stems from a  deficiency of routine physiological and psychological needs for brain health.

Brain deficient parents can't help brain deficient children.
Brain deficient teachers can't help brain deficient children.
Brain deficient doctors can't help brain deficient children.
Brain deficient therapists can't help  brain deficient families.

Brain deficient professionals can't help.
The courts run by brain deficient people can't help.
Government programs run by brain deficient civil servants  can't help.

The sick can't help the sick.

You have to decide what side of stubborn you want to stand on.

To address your brain deficiency, (and please realize there are many wonderful activities that can make a difference)  watch the office orientation video and then make an appointment to discuss your individual situation.  While the video covers the brain benefits of chiropractic care, we can go into more detail on the societal problems that have contributed to our brain sickness and how to find the balance in a overwhelming world.  

Saturday, February 03, 2018

How a Nonsense Culture is Harming Health and the Easiest Solutions are Ignored

Insurance Companies Caused this Disease: Why You Must Be a Strong Advocate for Yourself

Find out why this medical doctor was not embarrassed to be photographed in diapers as he was dying.

Go to 40:00 mark of the video to learn how insurance companies created this disease.

Go to 40:59 to find out why this problem is missed on blood work.
Yahoo  female chiropractor auburn, ny 13021

Do you know someone who has:
normal blood work but feels very sick all the time
pale skin
difficulty eating
poor apetite
neurocognitive disorders
brain atrophy
rage/mood swings
balance problems
memory problems
learning disorders
cervical dysplasia on pap smear
back pain/radiculpathy
stomach problems
food sensitivities
macular degeneration
multiple falls/shakiness
nerve damage
compulsive behavior
restless leg
chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia
chest pain
erectile dysfunction
low stomach acid
celiac disease
pancreas insufficiency
had stomach surgery

Do you know someone who:
 takes birth control pills
 takes statin drugs
 takes metformin
 takes synthetic B9, folic acid
 takes medicine for heart burn
 is a vegetarian
 is a vegetarian who is breast feeding
 is pregnant
 is over age 50

Watch this eye opening documentary about Vitamin B-12 deficiency and learn why most doctors don't acknowledge it or treat it.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Little Things are Just as Important

What happens when you are subluxated:

Cortisol increases
Blood sugar increases
Leptin decreases & belly fat increases
Hormones become dysfunctional
Hypothalamus becomes dysfunctional
Thyroid becomes dysfunctional
Adrenals become fatigued
Metabolism slows
Blood pressure increases
You can't sleep
You have no energy
(and more...... not enough room here.......)

What happens when you release subluxations with adjustments:

Decreases pro-inflaming cytokines (bad guys)
Increases pro-regulatory cytokines (good guys)
Increases CD-4 helpter T-cells (good guys)
Blocks TNF (bad guys)
Decreases CRP (bad guys)

The Adjustment Influences the Prefrontal Cortex of the Brain
(the conductor of the whole brain)
movement coordination
thinking focus
behavior goal directed tasks
decision making memory attention
pain processing emotional response to pain
autonomic function (just about everything)
motor control eye movement spacial awareness
fall prevention muscle strength
pelvic floor control mental rotation of objects

The Potential to Heal Is Waiting the be Unleashed!

Watch the New Member Orientation Video