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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cancer Screening: Not Saving Lives

"If you look outside the body, you will be let down each and every time." --Dr. Lisa

Dr. Julian Whitaker has made an unpopular statement about the problems with cancer screenings. If cancer screenings were so great, cancer would be a thing of the past. READ The Myth of Cancer Screening Here

After you read Dr. Whitaker's article you are going to wonder, "What now?"

There is plenty we can do about cancer.

#1 - Get adjusted with Advanced-Lifetime-Care. There is an important reason my office is an Advanced-Lifetime-Care office. People who are adjusted regularly have shown to have healthier DNA. Can you feel your DNA failing you? Not really. Read about the study on DNA and chiropractic. Getting adjusted is easy. Almost too easy. People seem to want something complicated. It just takes commitment--about 5-10 minutes a week. Advanced-Lifetime-Care is also designed to be affordable. Cancer treatment is not.

#2 - Get your nutrition from diet and supplements. The best way to deal with cancer is with a strong body that can heal itself. Chemicals just don't do it. Surgery can cut out cancerous tissues but it will likely come back because the cellular insults that spur cancer proliferation are not addressed.

#3 - Heal your emotions with a realistic attitude. Change yourself and stop changing others. Enjoy life moment by moment. The past is over and the future will never be the way you imagine it. Harboring useless "stuff" allows cancer to be harbored in the body. Read A New View of Cancer.

#4 - Believe in the healing power of the body.
If you look outside the body you will be let down each and every time.

Remember, you get to choose.
See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Cancer is not a Disease

You've tried try a nutritional cleanse.


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We must avoid cancer as it is too bad :(

Nice links shared I like all :)

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