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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Self Hate & the First Principle

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the 8 Principles of Advanced Chiropractic.

Let's look at Principle #1

God (innate) is the healer.

Chiropractic has a philosophy that recognizes the body and mind are able to heal automatically under nurturing circumstances. Chiropractors use the term "interference" to describe anything that does not permit the natural course of homeostasis to occur.

Science can attest to this fact by watching a cell naturally divide. It does this without any direction from us. We don't have to instruct the body to do anything. It breathes, digests, circulates blood, etc. without any action on our part.

How about instantly making a baby? We can't do it. (Stop chuckling.) We still need an egg and a sperm. No one knows how to create an egg and a sperm.

Our body's innate intelligence is given to us by God. It is always there. God has given us the natural ability to heal.

What happens when we forget this important fact? What happens when we let other things get in the way....interference? We let a lot of mental interference get in the way of our living a vital and full life.

When we doubt our abilities, they become weakened. You've already proven that to yourself many times.

When we don't feel good about our bodies, we develop self hate. This is a very strong and destructive emotion. People show off their self hate in ways that almost seem socially acceptable:

Over Eating
Over Spending
Over Working
And anything else that damages your health

One of the biggest signs of self-hate is ignoring your own health and wellness. Many other things interfere and we procrastinate. Problems cannot be solved overnight. But there is a better path to take for the journey.

God (innate) being the healer is the first and most important principle that needs to be embraced before getting on any chiropractor's adjusting table. Chiropractor's want to watch everyone thrive. Please have the same vision.

Remember, you get to choose.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa

--Your health freedom coach


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