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Monday, October 09, 2006

Save Your Life: Stop Subluxations

Subluxation 101

Do you remember these facts from your first chiropractic appointment?

  • Subluxations accumulate over time.
  • Damage takes place within 48 hours. (calcium deposits, disc weakness, ligament damage, nerve degeneration)

How many 48 hours have gone by and you didn't get adjusted?

As much fun as I like to have in the office, my message is serious. Chiropractic offers a simple solutions to life's problems so we are able to make the office experience enjoyable.
Can you go 48 hours without food? Can you go 48 hours without sleep? Why go more than 48 hours without an adjustment when you know degeneration is taking place? That's when you suffer an injury. What about subluxations caused by chemical, nutritional, and mental stress? You may not have any warning signs.

I ask my patients what do they want to do with a better life? It's more than feeling better. It's about doing things better.

How do subluxations affect my health?

Chiropractic Protects Vital DNA

Visit the 5 Reasons to Get Adjusted Page

Come in and get adjusted. Save your life by recognizing the dangers subluxations pose.

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