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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Talking to Your DNA // Chiropractic Talks Back

Keep Up With Your Chiropractic Care. It Will Save Your Life.

Your DNA is that instructional blue print that tells cells how to replicate. Healthy DNA that is able to repair itself influences our health and longevity. Healthy DNA is the key to disease prevention.

Chiropractic made the news last year when a landmark study showed how chiropractic influences the DNA. In this study people under chiropractic care for longer than two years had better DNA repair enzyme activity.

No one can feel their DNA working badly. Active disease is a late clue. No one can feel a subluxation unless significant tissue damage has existed for quite some time. Chiropractic is the proactive approach to disease prevention.

Chiropractic is all about balance so the body can maintain homeostasis. Showing how chiropractic can affect DNA is big news when more and more drugs are pulled off the market because of so many deaths. With all the drugs on the market, chronic diseases are on the rise. It is time to change the perspective on what it takes to maintain health.

Chiropractic's effects are simply explained and simply delivered but the effects are so profound. Keep up with your chiropractic care. It will save your life.

Read the press release for more information:

Curves Matter: Spinal Wellness & Life Span


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