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Sunday, October 01, 2006

How Vital Connections Become Endangered

In a previous issue, the definition of vital connections was discussed. Vital connections is best described as the social glue that promotes individual and community wellness.

Families, work places, social agencies, churches and clubs provide vital connections. Are we getting the full benefit of vital connections? Depression is on the rise. Is it because we no longer value vital connections? Trying to "do it all alone" is an attitude that tends to lead to abandoning them.

Are vital connections endangered species?

Detachment is becoming a modern phenomenon. It is commonplace to be uninterested or involved in the community. Low voter turn out on election day is one example.

Social isolation is often a result of emotional neglect during youth. Once an adult, the individual lives a life of loneliness.

Work demands leave people pressed for time. Have social outlets been replaced by the internet and television? Close relationships even get the short end of the stick when work, interferes with normal social functioning.

Our frenzy over privacy has led us to fear healthy social outlets. In our overly cautious society burdened with identity theft, Do Not Call Registries and SPAM blocking software we distrust so much that we may reject actual positive opportunities to grow in our communities.

This trend of endangered vital connections can be reversed. With a desire to expand all facets of wellness, vital connections are recognized to be just as important. Enjoying your current relationships and creating new opportunities for social outlets are healthy practices to round out your wellness plate.

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