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Sunday, October 01, 2006

What you do is much more important than what you feel.

Why would I say that? We feel everyday, all day long. We have emotions. Emotions drive us to have passions. What are you passionate about? Doesn't it move you to achieve something for yourself or others? These are positive emotions.

In the office I ask people how do they feel? The responses range from feelings of pain to feelings of relief since they can go about their life as if it was never interupted.

In a chiropractic office it is expected people will be feeling bad, or in pain and they can talk about it there.
Not every chiropractic patient is in pain. Many are looking to stay healthy and prevent chronic disease by keeping their nervous systems in tune.

I often ask my patients, "What do you want to do when you are feeling better?"
I am asking my patients to take action. I want to know what are they going to do differently from now on?

The power of the adjustment can never be underestimated. When the vital flow of innate is not blocked, we have the energy and the will to strive to be better.

Sure pain slows you down, but in chiropractic we recognize pain as a helpful messenger. Pain is just a response to stress. Manage the stress and you can live better.

Emotions such as joy, anger, and fear, move us to do something. Hopefully the action is positive. What you do is the result of analyzing how you feel.

You spine plays a role in emotions. Your limbic system gives you feelings of well being. Limbic system cells are present throughout the spinal cord. Veretebral subluxations will influence lack well being. For more information read Candice Pert's Molecules of Emotion.

While we always feel, chiropractic can help us make sense of our emotions so we can make appropriate choices how to live our lives.

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