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Monday, October 09, 2006

Listen to Your Head; Your Heart Will Follow

How do people change? I've heard it only happens when they really want to. Everyone wants to improve something in their lives. They spend years thinking about it. The only problem is thinking is not the same thing as doing. Most actions we take each day are habit. They are so automatic that very little thought is needed to accomplish them. Often our emotions keep us glued to where we are in life especially fear or anger.

Certain emotions can hide behind ambivalance or avoidance, as well.

Why do people stay the same? Are emotions involved? Some would say no, especially Dr. Edward Miller of John Hopkins University. Studies show 90% of heart by-pass patients cannot change their lifestyle habits, even though they already flirted with death. Fear of death is not a motivator here.

Success requires ignoring your emotions and getting involved in a series of action steps until a new habit is formed. This is a time to listen to your head instead of your heart. If you want to replace a behavior, make an unemotional contract with yourself, follow through with it and see your don't have a different emotion accompanying the result.

If possible, don't do it alone. Get on a supportive team. Get group coaching:

Check out this article: Motivation is not emotion...

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