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Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Truth of Health: EBI - Everyday Brain Injury

 EBI - Everyday Brain Injury

5 Simple signs of everyday brain injury

Stiff sore joints     

High blood pressure    

Digestive distress     

Fatigue / Short of breath    

Brain fog / anxiousness          

Why do I focus on these commonplace problems?

These are the situations that gradually worsen over time. Meanwhile we hardly notice these changes until they interfere with your daily activities. I prefer we handle them when they are fixable. This requires awareness so you can take effective action.

The list looks long, but a few simple steps covers many stressors at once.  Don't let it depress you. Once you get the hang of it, it gets easier. 

Old injuries / scar tissue / chronic inflammation / maladaptive motion pattern

High blood sugar  / cortisol burnout    / Hypoglycemic cycles    

Under-toned muscles / Atrophy      

Tight muscles   dehydration, mineral depletion

Anti-biotic use          

Medication induced mitochondrial damage

Nutritional depletion from medications

Vaccine injury, toxic build up

Poor toxin flushing

Collagen dysfunction / Leaky gut, 

Low stomach acid

Nutrient deficiencies

Heavy metals / parasites / candida

Hyper-alert limbic system, over exaggerated body responses from typical stressors

Unrecognized biological shocks (survival stress / sympathetic facilitation

Social patterns / Codependency / Unbalanced relationship habits

We have the 3 Door Ways to Enter for positive change:

Move the Brain        Feed the Brain           Talk to the Brain

Get your copy of the BFA Template that outlines the action steps.

BFA Crash Course

Brain Sense Tele-Health

Call me soon!      -- Dr. Lisa

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