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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

The Impacts and the Non-Impacts (They're All Impacts)

Today I experienced a positive interaction with one of my peeps.  The person felt an amazing release and was very excited to be rid of the heaviness in her body. 

This was a positive for me because this person has been coming to me for more than ten years.  The rapport was there even though I  hadn't seen her in nearly a year.  She felt comfortable sharing her personal stresses with me.  In our daily lives, mental concerns and worries that emotionally drain us make up a large part of our nervous system dysfunction as the fight or flight response kicks into gear to help us cope.  

If you can't sleep at night, your fight or flight response is keeping you hyper-vigilant.   If you lack the energy to jump into the day's activities, your fight or flight response has burned through your reserves. 

Some people feel an immediate benefit from one chiropractic adjustment.  Others feel good results after coming in multiple times during a month.  It's wonderful to have quite the immediate and positive impact. 

I also can take note of the non-impacts that are still beneficial.  I have many folks who come as a routine, without fail, who are functioning well and taking their stresses in stride.  When something comes up we know they prevented a great deal of grief by making chiropractic a priority, even when they were feeling good. Especially when they were feeling good.  So much repair goes on that we are not aware of.  When we have nerve energy connecting every organ, processes work more efficiently.  

So, I smile when I see someone when I see folks having a much better day compared to when they first walk in.  I also, smile when my regulars are staying busy and enjoying every minute of it.  

If you hit a bump in the road, always bump up your chiropractic, and when you want to learn more about yourself, schedule some Brain Sense Tele-Health Self Discovery Sessions!!!

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