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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Just Scratching the Surface

I can imagine most of us are living life at the surface, and could we go deeper.

I can only speak of my own experience.  When I say, "going deeper," I mean spending the extra time to dive into a topic that helps you grow as a person.  It can be an interest you have, a hobby, anything that inspires you to do more with your life, living it to the fullest, experiencing personal improvement that helps you make an impact on the lives of others. 

Tall order, huh?  We're so busy just keeping a roof over our heads.  Is there more?  I hope so.  While a majority of people feel they are burdened by  work stress, a Gallup poll has shown that 85% of the workers, globally, hate their jobs.  What does that say about us? About our future?

People try to plod through their day tolerating health problems such as allergies, fatigue, back pain, headaches, digestive disturbances.  Somehow we can continue on since these problems may come and go.  During the quieter moments we take advantage of the relief and get things done, remain busy, etc.  When the poor health creeps in we become more preoccupied and start to bargain with ourselves so we can pace our activities.  

I've had pounding headaches some days when I tell myself I just have to get through the last few hours of my work day, then go home where I can "let my hair down," pamper myself some, or go right to bed.  That's the bargain.  We watch the clock and give ourselves the pep talk to get through the shift. 

We spend many, many hours away from home, away from our families.  If we hate our jobs and suffer the ill effects of that daily stress, what kind of energy do we have left for our families?

Maybe some people are very good at compartmentalizing and when they clock off the job they transition into the best times.  They spend quality time with their children, teach them exciting hobbies, or volunteer with a meaningful organization that makes up for the 40 hour drudgery. 

Eventually, the stress creeps into all facets of your life.  I talk to many people who are counting down to retirement. They just want to feel good enough to get by.  

That's not why I am here.  I don't want to be "Get By Girl."  I want to participate in people's growth.  I want to take part in making the world more exciting.  

I can provide chiropractic care to people who just want a quick fix until their stress levels reach the breaking point again in a few weeks or months.  I can contribute to people's same level of functioning and they stay pretty much the same. 

Or I can invite people to take a new journey where they chip away at the functioning that no longer serves them. 

This where I can walk the journey with you.

Also, getting reacquainted with your body, or understanding the healing process is a an important part of self growth.  If you are a passive participant in your health care, just hoping a pill will be all the change you need, you will not have a meaningful experience.  Solving problems in a way that empowers you makes all the difference. 

An unhappy employment situation is not the only cause of stress in our lives. Chemical stress, mechanical stress, and other mental stresses play are role in burdening our self healing system.

We can dive in differently to promote positive change: 

Step 1: What is the concern that caught your attention?

   a- How has this concern impacted your psychological state?

   b- What else is going on in your life, impacting your                psychological state?

   c- Understanding the 4 Functional Levels of the Nervous System,

      how can we reframe the problem?

   d- Is it possible other tests and diagnoses are being misinterpreted?

Step 2: Prep the body for healing. (Support your body's healing.)

    a- chiropractic care to support the nervous system

    b- detox routine, determine toxins that can be avoided

    c- feed deficiencies with diet change and SP supplementation

    d- positive self talk, reframing your situations

    e- rest

    f- balanced movement (my preferred term for exercise)

Step 3: Establish a maintenance program (based on Step 2) and a Plan B for potential re-injury, accidents, new stress events, or changes in your routine.

Are you ready to go deeper?  Let's arrange a Brain Sense Tele-Health Self Discovery Session.


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