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Monday, March 23, 2020

Today's Thoughts on Looking Forward to Tomorrow

Call to Action: Keep your mind balanced. Make health a priority today and going forward.

Here is my take on current events regarding the world's reaction to an unusual acute infection: 

- Any time our state capital is closed to the public, this is a dangerous time for our democracy and freedom.  I don't like it and we should be chastising our senate and assembly.  Make those phone calls.  They have to listen to every voice mail.  Make the calls daily.  Send emails and snail mail letters.

- Being told to slow down is not a bad idea for any of us especially if you believe you are susceptible to an infection.  While I don't believe there is a "flu season,"  I know how weakened we get once school begins for the year, the holidays are loaded with sugars and starches, we're thrust into our board meetings, volunteering, children's sports, children's arts and music.  The weather keeps us indoors with more darkness than sunlight most days. Overall, we need to keep our lives in balance, even if we know we have the stamina to put up with exhaustion from time to time.  It can unravel out of control if you do not respect your body's need to true rest. 

If events are canceled, that means more time to rest and get back into a better sleeping schedule.  I am disappointed that people's jobs have been cut by our state government. We must make sure this never happens again.  Our law makers need to refine the emergency laws and put restraint of the executive orders.  We certainly can do reasonable things to protect each other without ruining people's livelihoods. 

- The news (along with medical PR) media is walking a fine line between competency and sensationalism, as well.  We don't need to feed our sympathetic nervous systems with bad news, especially when most of it is not allowed time for research, and counter point.  The medical establishment is sharing observational studies very quickly while warning the readers that they are not peer reviewed.  This, too, is a double edged sword and it takes a thorough discernment process to understand how some actions were done well, and others poorly when it comes to patient care in the last two months.

- If you know you have a weakened immune system, I want you to know that you do not have to live in that belief.  First of all, believing you are defective is a dangerous way to view your health and life.  You don't need to feed a self fulfilling prophesy.  You have potential to be stronger.  It may take  six months to a few years, but you can always boost your healing abilities.  You have already survived how many "flu seasons" during your lifetime?  Don't let all the news stories scare you.  Continue to rest and keep your stress at a minimum.  If that means stay home, of course, stay home.  But, do take the steps you need to get on a more healing path. If you don't know how to start, you kick off your journey with BFA Coaching. 

- If you feel pretty good about your current state of health, I want you to assess yourself so we can tweak some of your already helpful routines.  First, assess your inflammation level with my short list of inflammation measurements, and then take neuro-digestive stress test and metabolic hypoxia test, (all very simple questionnaires, then we'll see where you are on the ketolox phasing flow chartWe can dive into stages of tweaking through BFA Coaching. 

You can make the most of today, and then make tomorrow even greater.  

You have the inborn wisdom to heal.  Believe it and Partner with it. 

See you at the table.

--The Adjusting Table

--Dr. Lisa

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