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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Do "Healthy" People Have Unknown Comorbities?

What does the term comorbidity mean?

According to,  it is the coexistence of two or more disease processes. 

With the increasing number of young people recovering from the current  CV-19 acute viral illness, the media often says these people are healthy and it is shocking that they are getting sick. 

According to a March 12, 2020 published meta-analysis of infected patients, more severe patients had prior chronic issues than less severe patients.

Patients with high blood pressure, heart issues, diabetes, and respiratory problems had worse outcomes.  (Speaking of breathing, read my post about chiropractic and better lung function.)

Now I want to broach the topic hypothesizing that young people have these issues but don't know it.  The body does a fine job of maintaining homeostasis so someone could be living a lifestyle that raises blood pressure, but the body still has resilient mechanisms to correct it.  And, we already know the high stats for pre-diabetes and many people are undiagnosed.  It is also apparent that  blood sugar and A1C readings are basically useless according to pioneer Dr. Joseph Kraft and others. 

We know plenty of people who have the tendency to burn the candle at both ends and run on fumes.  It is assumed we can leave the body on auto-pilot and hope to get more rest later.  But that kind of stress takes a surprising toll. I see it often in people over forty.  They become very despondent when that wake up call hits them.

I'm not a fan of wake up calls.  It means there's a lot of work ahead to correct the unnecessary stress.  I know people who are addicted to the cortisol rush of living hectic lives. Let's act now and avoid the dreaded wake up call.

A life style overhaul undertaken for a year or two will help people develop more confidence in knowing they can be much healthier.  And since I've found we should not rely on the usual lab studies you get at your yearly physical, I teach people how to delve deeper into lifestyle management so they are doing exactly what they need to do rather than wait for a chronic problem to rear it's ugly head.  

This kind of coaching cannot take place in a seven minute physician appointment.  It certainly cannot take place during a chiropractic adjustment appointment.  There is an educational component, as well as a individualized considerations so we can plan a customized program.  This is the Next Generation approach to health.  Don't get left behind.  

Ask me about the BFA Coaching program so you can take the proactive steps needed to properly rebuild health without guessing or falling back on obsolete ideas.  

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