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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Selfish, Irresponsible, and Dangerous. Is That You?

After reading the news about Rockland County banning unvaccinated children from public places for 30 days, I had to really ponder why the people "in charge" think this is the way to resolve what they call a state of emergency due to a high number of measles cases. 

Currently, according to news reports, there are only 10 cases of measles right  now in Rockland County.

The message being put out there, in my interpretation, is that unvaccinated people are selfish, irresponsible and dangerous.  The funny thing is vaccines cannot be studied for effectiveness.  There are plenty of questions regarding vaccine safety.  Over $4 billion  has been paid out by the government compensating for vaccine injuries.  Also, individuals are not allowed to directly sue the pharmaceutical companies.

Supposedly the measles vaccine only works for so many years, which means more adults than children are selfish, irresponsible and dangerous. 

I haven't found any articles updating the public on how this ban is doing on day #3.  I did find a story about a small protest highlighting the inappropriateness of denying people freedom live their lives in a normal manner.

But what gets me is the selectivity of this county's commissioner.  Singling out unvaccinated people because it is assumed they are problematic to the health of others is a rather irrational move.

I think a bigger health crisis is letting people with metabolic syndrome continue with their health harming behavior.  After all, businesses lose a lot of money to sick time.  Productivity goes down.  People end up on disability.  The lives of families are disrupted.  Children have less quality time with their sick parents.  Adults have to tend to their own aging parents.  Insurance companies and the Medicare program are burdened with high costs related to the preventable problems of metabolic syndrome.  I think of the people with amputated limbs, heart surgeries, etc.  The suffering is immense.

Am I singling out overweight people who have high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and pre-diabetes?  Many of them are smokers, or those who drink alcohol and consume caffeine. 

I guess we could go on and list many more health problems that are taking a toll on the public.  But people get defensive with the fingers are pointed toward them.

The Brain First Always approach promoted in the office is a "low tech high energy" way to boost your brain's health so your immune system can resist acute diseases as well as chronic debilitating conditions. 

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---Dr. Lisa
--- Your Health Freedom Coach

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