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Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Healing Path Not Taken: It's Time to Take It

Brain Inflammation Part 3

Nearly every day I am challenged to try to help people who don't know what kind of help they need. 

They are stuck.

  They think they are doing everything available to them and yet, they are still stuck.  And this is very frustrating for these folks. 

When you're stuck long enough you tell yourself this is your normal, this is your "set point," this is what you should expect at your age.

This scrambles my brains !!!  I mean, really, it makes me sad.  

When people don't have the mental energy to think beyond their current situation, this is a huge problem in our culture. 

Your brains are scrambled and you can't help it.

You will not make a healthy decision while you are suffering from brain inflammation. 

We're always told not to make any drastic life changes soon after a stressful event.  We're advised to take our time before adding more stress on top of stress.  

Some examples: We do a lot of unexpected things after the death of a loved one.  Some people suddenly quit a job for what seems to be a good reason, without evaluating the consequences.  Marriages and divorces may happen for the wrong reasons because of a rash decision.  

In the reverse, we will let our health suffer by not making appropriate life style changes with a sense of urgency.  Why? Because  brain inflammation reduces blood flow to the frontal part of the brain which is the part of the brain that is responsible for evaluating and problem solving.  

So, if we are in a constant stressful situation, how do we make a needed change to help ourselves?  We can't.  We're stuck and sick.  

Brain inflammation may not appear to be a health crisis, unless the media is referring spefically to Alzheimer's disease, but brain inflammation is a major barrier to health in all of us.

When I mention to people:  It benefits you to do ______ instead of ________, they respond with a questioning rebuttal or a disbelieving rebuttal.  Why?  Because the information can't enter the brain and work through the proper thought analysis.  

Much like a drowsy person poorly judging how to drive on a wet road or tricky curve, a person with an inflamed, stressed brain poorly judges new information and decides not to make a change, especially when other demands compete for full concentration.  

When previous information stored in the brain doesn't match the new information, the inflamed brain will not have the energy to comprehend and evaluate the value of the new information. 

Remember back in the day when you looked at a long chapter in your text book for homework.  You shuddered at how many pages had to be read.  That was when you were an immature kid with less neurons.  Today, your adult brain tries to comprehend, but typically it is overwhelmed if it is inflammed from poor diet, lacking sleep, worrying, etc. 

How do we promote a healthy brain so new thoughts are welcomed with excitement?  

First we calm down the hyperactive brain waves with chiropractic adjustments,  good sleep, brain boosting nutrients and a keto diet with intermittent fasting sprinkled in.  Many will hesitate at these suggestions.  The inflamed brain wants to fight it and look for the easy way out... perhaps a sugared coffee drink instead......(sound familiar?)

The brain cannot quickly become un-inflamed. An anti-inflammatory pain reliever does not turn off inflammation.  Current drugs block the expression of inflammation, but the source or cause is still pumping it out.  

Inflammation that has reached pain status is only the tip of the iceberg.  Asymptomatic (non-pain) inflammation is still attacking tissues and organs. 

Why do I take this so seriously?  Because  it is the crux of the problem.  All other attempts (symptom focused) make you feel as if you are inviting change, but they are not specific enough.    Here's a prime example: Why do people who get stents end up re-clogging their arteries?  Stents are a temporary aid.  The do, however, allow someone time, a second chance,  to incorporate real change. 

Un-inflaming the brain requires an intentional process of detoxing and eliminating harmful chemicals.  The second step is to avoid ingesting new chemicals, as much as possible. 

It's not difficult, but it can be challenging.  Make sense?  It seems difficult when it is a new practice but consistent practice pays off.  The challenging part is receiving support from your closest social circles.  

The Brain First Always protocol helps you accomplish it with a specific focus on balancing the parts of the brain that fight you.  Learn more at your next appointment and this is exciting!!!!!

See you at the table.....the adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa
---Your Health Freedom Advocate


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