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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Brain Snob Episode 1 Where's the Urgency? Where's the Control?

Where's the Urgency?  Where's the Control?

Being a Brain Snob is not an insult.  It is a high compliment that someone knows how to harness the brain's ability to adapt and thrive so there's more time for vibrant living. 

Here are the video highlights:

-- We notice there isn't a lot of urgency to have better health even though we know we could be taking better care of ourselves.

-- The urgency is seen somewhere else in the course of the day: job concerns, family obligations, and more pressing matters.

-- We seem to put our "urgency energy" into the things we have more control over, where we believe we have more control. 

-- When people feel they are at the mercy of their own bodies, and not feeling well, it is discouraging and the urgency fades or we put our attention in other areas of our lives so we feel we are at doing something constructive, albeit out of balance. 

-- In the last few months I've noticed folks around me demonstrate very disconcerting brain changes: poor memory, forgetting things, confused thoughts. missing appointments, not keeping track of things effectively, with an increasing vocalization of overwhelm, fear, and anxiety. 

-- Even my mom just called me asking me about Alzheimer's disease.  

-- I'm seeing it in people my age, and older.

-- Brain inflammation takes its toll.  You  may seem fine, unaware that the inflammation is probably in your joints or you're feeling fatigue,  but that one day you get concerned that your thinking is affected and feel that sense of urgency.

--  We shouldn't let it get to that point.  We can understand how to take care of the brain so our brain takes care of us. 

-- The Brain First Always program helps us do that.  
     We learn how to Move the Brain, Feed the Brain, Talk to the Brain.

-- Moving the brain is centered around the chiropractic adjustment and I reiterate the brain perks of maintenance adjustments.  Revisit this blog post from October to read about these benefits.   (Brain Gain is Life Gain)

-- Tune in for more Brain Snob episodes.  Join our You Tube Community.

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