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Friday, February 05, 2016

What If You Changed Your View?

Palpating someone's spine, I find loads of trigger points and a really "cemented" spine that lacks such movement that the person is depressed and full of unexplained pain.

As I was working with someone a few days ago, I noted out loud, "A drug does not change this.  A drug contributes to this."

The person is going to need a great deal of massage, physical therapy and mainly chiropractic.  Also since a chiropractic adjustment cannot energize dead tissue, it "ain't much better" with weak, starved, poisoned tissue.  We need to feed the tissues, not drug them.

It's a simple paradigm.  Give the body what it needs.  It needs nerve energy and nutrient energy.

Call the office.  Change the way you look at the world.

See you at the table,
The chiropractic table

Dr Lisa
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