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Monday, February 29, 2016

Everyone Heals Differently

If You're Alive → You Are Healing

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You may be younger than you think. Researcher Dr. John Frisen is now looking at the age of different tissue types in the human body and finding out how old they are. Many tissues and cells have a constant turnover rate but that rate seems to vary greatly from body part to body part with some parts not renewing at all.  Based on the average human tissue renewal our bodies may only be 10-15 years old.
For example, cells from rib muscles in an individual in their late 30’s was shown to be an average of 15.1 years old. Cells lining your gut were found to be only days old but the deeper cells were found to be 15.9 years old.
Cornea of Eye 24 hours
Villi of Intestines 2-3 days
Lining Stomach 5 days
Taste Buds 10 days
Lining Lungs 14-21 days
Outer Skin/Epidermis 14-28 days
Deeper Skin 90 days
Red Blood Cells 120 days
Liver 300-500 days
Alveoli of Lungs 365 days
Bones 10 years
Rib Muscles 15.1 years
Deeper Gut 15.9 years
Most of Brain and Eyes Same as your birth age
Not Found to Renew: Cerebral Cortex, Inner lens of the eye.

Cells in most parts of the brain and spinal cord are found to be aged very similar to the age of the individual because these cells do not often regenerate. We are born with 100 billion cells in our brain and most do not regenerate or renew.
The importance of protecting and taking care of your spine and nervous system with regular chiropractic care is essential to keep these cells and your body healthy. Having a clear connection from the brain cells to the tissue cells is essential for optimal renewal and healing of your body. With regular chiropractic care your nervous system works to health tissues more efficiently.
Another way to look at it is to realize that healing takes time. Do not expect body parts to be renewed the next day if they really take 15 years to renew. All you can do is give your body an optimally functioning, clear nervous system, time to heal and do all that is necessary to foster that healing.
Researchers are trying to find methods to heal nervous system damage with stem cell injections and antibodies from the outside in but are finding it very challenging.

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--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

article source: Chiro Forward

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