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Saturday, December 16, 2006

It's Too Cold to Exercise!!

I used to get up early and run. The weather is colder and it is darker. Ugh. It's time to get creative. We still need to exercise. Are you doing any school walking or mall walking? Are there any stairs in your office? Replace the smoke break with a water break. Dehydration is so common we've lost the thirst signal our bodies used to give us. The carb craving has replaced it.
Are you getting fresh air during your lunch break? Put some free weights in your basement or back room and pick them up a few times a day. Get on a rebounder/mini-trampoline and get your heart rate up. Buy some work-out videos to play any time of the day. Walk to go buy the paper. Got any other ideas? Send them to me or use the comment button!!

Keep Moving!!!!!

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