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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Why We Love New Year's Weekend. Is It the Resolutions?

It's New Year's Weekend and this is the usual time everyone talks about resolutions. It is an interesting holiday that goes way back in history. I was wondering why it is national holiday. I know my answer now.

This site discusses the origins of New Year's Resolutions. It is a long tradition.
(Unfortunately, these wikipedia entries change so quickly, this link is no longer accurate. Do your own google search for New Year's Resolution and you will find the traditions behind this practice.)

Many people are adamant about making goals every January. Some are ambivalent because the resolutions are given up on soon after the hustle and bustle of life gets in the way again.
Many feel it is unnecessary because goals can be made and evaluated all throughout the year.

Here's the thought of the day: Why can't we stick to new goals? Because life gets in the way. I find that to be an ironic statement, but it rolled of my brain so quickly it is a cliche that is very revealing.

Rather than making goals because we can concentrate on re-ordering our priorities and being realistic about them. That may be an appropriate way to transition into new habits without setting ourselves up for failure.

Leave your comments here, and tell me your successes in the near future. It will make a great follow up to today's newsletter entry.

Happy New Year!!!
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