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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dr. Homic is On The Air

Dr. Homic is On The Air
Monday nights at 9:10 PM EST

Forget Evening TV for one night
Get in a comfortable chair and get on your phone. Take a break from nighttime TV and let me inform and entertain you with Motivated By Madness.

You can listen in anonymously on the tele-seminar or you can join in the discussion.
We will focus on wellness issues that touch your lives on a daily basis.

Monday, Jan. 9 Topics:
  • Introduction to Motivated By Madness
  • How Madness Wins Over Common Sense
  • New Years Resolutions: Why Are They Such A Joke?
  • Stressed to be Faster: Faster Path to the Cemetary

Get to http://www.MotivatedByMadness to get the phone number and pass code.

[Listen for a special offer at the end of the show]

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