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Monday, January 01, 2024

Why Chiropractic is CRITICAL for Children

Children need chiropractic.  It is a requirement.  

Of course, this is my opinion, but it is a very good opinion.  It's all about the developing nervous system of a child.   If anyone is looking for a scientific study to back that up, there are some very useful studies.  

Most chiropractic studies focus on childhood ailments or injuries.  When a child improves after chiropractic care, it is written up as a case study.  There is also a good supply of peer reviewed studies available at various websites regarding children under chiropractic care. 

I want parents to know that a childhood full of wellness chiropractic adjustments molds children into very well adjusted adults. (No pun here.)  There is no reason to ignore this information. "It is no-brainer."

The mainstream focuses on childhood issues

such as falls, colic, bed wetting, ADHD, breast feeding difficulties, seizures.  Children respond very well to chiropractic care.  If you have been around me long enough, you hear me talk about how it all has to do with the patterns learned from the nervous system.  

I look at the later results where children's nervous systems take on patterns that contribute to an exhausted nervous system.  Later on life, people don't connect their childhood patterns with their state of health.  Namely because no one really talks about it.  

The nervous system in survival mode "over learns" coping mechanisms in childhood.  This is very tricky to pinpoint since we are trained to look at the body symptoms coming from the body instead of the brain.  As adults, we may have outgrown our survival memories or feel more in control of our lives with added maturity but the brain stores them very well.  It is not a personal failing.  It's just the brain doing what it does so well. 

That's why I'd like to see every child receiving weekly chiropractic care from birth until they leave home (then they can continue on with this wellness routine on their own).

Chiropractic has a profound effect on the pre-frontal cortex.  We see this in brain wave studies.  We know how brain waves shift in and out of fight or flight and vagus phases.  We know how brain exhaustion leads to chronic dysfunctional problems in organs.  We know how well the body resets itself with chiropractic care. 

The ACE Study (Adverse Childhood Events) shows us how early childhood stress, poverty, trauma, etc. impacts body chemistry, such as cortisol.  We see the results in adulthood where some adults still have high cortisol levels even when they've reached successful outcomes in their adult lives.  This is stubborn brain programming that was necessary in childhood, and still being relived in adulthood. 

Neurofeedback has been shown to be a good re-setter approach.  Chiropractic has shown to be 200%  more proficient at resetting the brain compared to neurofeedback.  

The Brain First Protocol is just as helpful for children as it is for adults.  Every child deserves this type of head start in life. 

Brain First Boot Camp

Happy New Year 2024  !!!

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