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Monday, November 15, 2021

Your Body Talks When You Don't


You mowed your lawn and developed back pain.  You have really stiff joints every morning and blame your bed. Your shoulder hurts and you blamed it on raking, shoveling, etc.  

But here's some good observations I've made over the years.  People don't get pain every time they go out in the yard.  A lot of people get new mattresses and still have pain.   

Severe injuries don't happen everyday.  Freak accidents happen, but most of  this is coming from brain issues.

Reminder: pain is an unwanted nervous system pattern.  We need to understand why the nervous system picks it's responses. 

It doesn't take long to give someone a chiropractic adjustment.  I can open up the flood gates in the spine so the energy is delivered to where it needs to go (based on the brain's priority, of course.)

Most of my time is spent listening to people.   And sometimes I have to interrogate them.  (It's a loving interrogation.  I'm not going to yell at them.)  

We can blame the yard, the bed, or your icy sidewalk but that is not what chiropractic is about. 

It's about everything your nervous system has to handle at once.  Your plate is full. 

I will interrogate you and encourage you to acknowledge what your body is crying out for.   Your body is usually crying out for your deepest fears to be understood and alleviated.  

It's not the lawn that bothers you.  It's how long can you keep up with the demands of the yard?

Your mattress is not the problem.  Your sleep is disrupted because you're dwelling on a family conflict.  

You fell because you were distracted by a heavy work demand. 

That car accident caused you some acute injuries, but your anxiety about your future is perpetuating a chronic case of fibromyalgia.

There is always "tag-along stress" that people won't acknowledge.   People want to compartmentalize their problems, and ignore  Or it may be something that makes you feel defeated and stuck. Sometimes you have a "hang up" that triggers the fight or flight that drains your energy. 

Daniel Amen wrote a book called, Your Brain Is Always Listening.

We can use our injuries as a crutch.  We can focus on them rather than face our personal challenges. We can use our injuries as an excuse to postpone other pressing matters.  Meanwhile, an exhausted brain can't rebuild tissues. 

#1 Calm the fight or flight response with chiropractic.

#2 Get the Vagus nerve ready to rest, digest, and rebuild with chiropractic.

#3 Replenish your energy with Standard Process and good nutrition.

#4  Balance your thoughts.  Balance your time.

Move the Brain  **  Feed the Brain ** Talk to the Brain

Upgrade Your Journey.

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