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Saturday, November 13, 2021

A True Brain Partner Tosses the Labels. They Never Served You.

 If we stop saying the word heal, can it profoundly impact our lives in a positive way?  I say YES.

If we stop saying the word pain, can it profoundly impact our lives in a positive way?  I say YES.

Who will join me?  This is how you fuel your brilliance and upgrade your journey. 

I used to say the body is self healing.  It's a simple concept.  Even if you take cold medicine, your body self heals.  You can cut your finger and it will heal without a band-aid.  A broken bone will heal.  You might be in a cast for a while, and the pain will keep you from moving around.  But you are healing. 

But I don't want to use the word heal anymore for the main reason that heal indicates something went wrong and it needs intervention to be fixed.  It sends a message that you are a problem that needs fixing.  There is a harsh judgement that you are sick and not well.  

Let's do away with the words sick and well, too?  (Review my last post that you are already whole.  You were always whole, you are still whole.)

When you are in a stressed state, it is a healing state.  It may not be comfortable, but it is a healing state.  When the heart is racing, and the lungs are demanding more capacity for air it is healing.  It is not a state of rest, that's obvious, but it is a state of healing, meaning it is necessary to maintain the body.  It is proper for the situation.  

I prefer to use the word rebuild.  If tissues are disrupted by an injury, the body rebuilds it.  There is swelling, pain, and fatigue.  This is how you restore.   You aren't broken and need to be fixed.  You are actually using up energy to direct body functions and then your body needs to be replenished.

This tissue injury is not necessarily "broken."  It happened.  There is no need to fret about it.  It is an experience that the body responds to.  Even a break in a bone is protective because only one area was impacted which protected more of the body.  One break left the rest of the body unscathed. 

As life happens, the brain assesses and chooses the responses for each tissue, organ, and cell. When a fight or flight event ends, the brain gets back to metabolism and rebuilding. 

Your job is to show your appreciation and give back.  Chiropractic, rest, and nutrition is what the body needs. And a good attitude. 

That also means giving up the word pain unless you admit that pain is purposeful and not a mistake.  You may not like it, but it is purposeful.  You may feel awful, but the body is in a protective state or rebuilding state.  All that activity will be felt.  It's time to call it an "unwanted nervous system pattern."  You can decide to work with it, or work against it.  If you choose an intervention that adds more fight or flight stress, which by the way interrupts the rebuilding process, you will be in a perpetual state of unfinished rebuilding.  The tissues are weaker.  Your doctor may call it arthritis or fibromyalgia.  I call it unfinished business.  The rebuilding process is chronically interrupted.  

What's next?  You take on this new language and nurture yourself through an appropriate rebuilding process.  You avoid unnecessary fight or flight so you can replenish everyday.

My last point here: there is no disease, just adaptations.  

It's called the Brain First Protocol.  Follow the ABCD Journey. 

You are not alone.  Upgrade your journey and do it with like minded people who care. 

-- Dr. Lisa

Toss the Lablels.  Partner with Your Brain. 

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