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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Pain Is A Trap

Upgrade Your Journey  

Having spent my life immersed in a world of the destructive mind-set of the disease model, I have decided it is time to face actual clarity.

I thought I was entering the world of natural health.  Using chiropractic and nutrition to heal from within. 

This quote from B.J. Palmer probably doesn't get much attention.  I can't remember the last time I recall reading it.  He is right about un-brainwashing the public and that includes myself.  I have to un-brainwash myself, and I can put some of the blame on my chiropractic college.  

I spent years studying diseases, their signs symptoms and pain.  I'm supposed to get people out of pain.  That's the mainstream belief.  For twenty plus years as a chiropractor I have said to my practice members, you are the healer.  You are the only person who can get yourself out of pain.  

Does it fall on deaf ears?  I say it to everybody and then I tell them I help their bodies work better so they can heal themselves.  That's fine.  There's nothing wrong with assisting someone.  Especially with the adjustment.  It is a profound way to assist the brain's ability to asses and respond so healing is efficient. 

Then we get sucked into our busy lives.  We dive into multiple fight or flight activities that delay healing.  We feel as if we have hit a plateau.  Medicine likes to call it MMI, maximum medical improvement. 

This leads me to my statement that pain is a trap. No one likes pain.  You are allowed to say, "I don't like what my body is going through right now."  But we have to understand the purpose of pain, and it is most likely a rebuilding stage that you can support.  

Much of our supportive activities delay healing.  Drugs put you back in the state of fight or flight.  Ice actually delays the new cells of renewal and replacement. 

Pain free might actually mean you are back in a fight or flight situation. Repeated cycling in and out of fight or flight without adequate time to replenish and rebuild weakens tissues, and leads to tissue failure.  The disease model calls this chronic pain. I call it a severe situation of energy depletion that leads to exhaustion.  This is how Hans Seyle described stress theory and general adaptation syndrome. 

Pain without Process is a trap. 

If you look at pain as a dysfunction that must be stopped, you may be setting your nervous system up for more energy robbing reactions of the nervous system.  Pain is the body's attempt to rebuild and replenish after a stressful event.  Our actions should help the rebuilding process.  

All body responses are appropriate, purposeful, protective processes initiated by the brain. (Even if they are uncomfortable and cramp our style.) If we follow this outlook that the body is in a purposeful protective mode, we will choose supportive habits and interventions to complete the rebuilding replenishing process. 

That is why I prefer to shy away from the disease mentality.  It adds more stress, fear, and anxiety to a situation. 

The disease model is wrong to impose an assumption that the body is dysfunctional when all body responses are purposeful and protective. 

Pain without process is counterproductive.  Figure out why the body has taken on a certain process.  The body works hard for you everyday.  Give back with replenishing interventions and habits.  

Chiropractic, nutrition, and brain training: The BFA Protocol. 

I am un-brainwashing my own thought process so I can give you a better experience. Upgrade Your Journey.

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