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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

One Sided Science Stops You From Asking Better Questions


You've heard the saying, "The science is settled."  But in reality we know scientists take a lot of short cuts.  Some things cannot actually be fully tested according to the scientific method and we should be honest about it.  Therefore, the science is not settled and you should be allowed to ask all kind of questions even if they sound absurd.  

For example, when is a "virus" harmless and when is it not?  (I'm not convinced we are defining a virus correctly.) We're still in the hypothesis stage and the scientific investigations have not been fruitful at all since they have been incomplete.  All we have are opinions.  When the opinions becomes mainstream, we get ourselves into trouble.  We tend to get lazy.

We have yet to agree on what causes heart attacks... or cancer.  

We have no absolute proof that high blood pressure causes strokes. That's why we only say "risk of stroke."

We get stuck in our thinking when these ideas become mainstream. 

That's why I am asking should we call certain body responses disorders or diseases?  Why should we assume it's all negative, or a mistake?  

Does the body actually go into "stupid mode" and attack itself?

We have layered so much stress on our lives, we actually convince ourselves that our bodies go rogue.  

It's probably a good idea to step back and re-evaluate what we consider set in stone beliefs about the body. 

Again, why do we force babies to sleep a certain way?

What causes cavities?  If you have one cavity in a tooth, why not in all 32?  What makes that one tooth different when the environment inside the mouth is uniform?

What makes a bacteria good sometimes and bad at other times?

Just asking for a friend. 

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