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Thursday, October 01, 2020

Covid Chameleon: Hiding the Real Sickness (New Series)


Into Episode: Damaging Our Children

My latest series is now available on my Patreon Channel: Count Down Live Up

A chameleon is a tree dwelling reptile that can blend in with its surroundings. I feel like we are hiding the truth about what really is making us sick.

I felt the need to create Covid Chameleon: Hiding the Real Sickness because the fear is too much. I know not everyone is in a state of fear, but the pushy news media is no longer a useful entity anymore and I'm really demanding a 2nd opinion to be out there and respected. 

Allow me to share different information with you to help free you from this stress.

-- Could you consider rejecting the virus disease theory? -- Is it really beneficial to avoid each other? -- Is there actually something else out there causing a mass sickness? -- What happened to our American right to a second opinion? --Have we been slowly sickened in some way leaving us oblivious to real health?

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