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Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Post Covid Comeback!! Early Bird Special

Don't Be Caught Off Guard Again!!

(Save 50% to 75%)

Dear Health Seekers:

Co-morbidities were always given a back seat.  Doctors added more meds to your chart, yet your quality of life gets worse..

Now after the spike in sickness that made everyone aware of co-morbidities, folks want to take charge.  They don't want to be sitting ducks!!

Never before have we heard people talking this much about their immune systems.  And the information is spotty at best. (My opinion.  I'm perplexed at what people think is a quick fix.)

Folks want me to give them a 20 second answer.
There is no 20 second answer.  We need to take the time to sort it all out.  First we have understand where we went wrong and how to make it up to ourselves. 

Parents want to give their kids the best head start in life, and they are right to do so.  It is not taught in school.  I had to spend the last decade figuring it out after I spent two decades messing up my health. I wasted a lot of time.  

I'm glad you're here today at this very minute.  We have a rennaissance underway.  Yes, I'm serious.

If you are scared for your health right now and want to get your energy and optimism back, please join me on a journey that honors your body's amazing self healing.  Learn how to partner with your wonderful innate intelligence and give it what it needs to thrive.  

We start with the brain.  The brain makes the body and you make your life. 
50% to 75% OFF
Early Bird Post Covid Comeback Special 
I am offering a group discount to help you and your friends save some money.   For groups of 2 to 4 who want to work together on this journey.  Just share the cost with 2 to 4 friends, then all of you, join me on a group call.   See rates below.

(This offer will expire once my schedule reaches capacity, so act now.)
Watch  my In Your Court - Covid Lessons Video

BFA Coaching Packages
Why Coaching?

You set the goals. 
You already have the tools. 
I coach you how to use your tools proficiently.

** These are healing activities you can learn to do yourself.
** The medical establishment will not address the real health thief: stress.
** Doctors cannot teach this during a seven minute appointment. So, they don't.
** There is no drug protocol that relieves stress. None! (Drugs add more stress.)
**Stress is everyday. You must have an organized brain-based plan.
** This is a radical way to approach your healing journey.
** You can get out of your current comfort-going nowhere zone
** YES!! You have the ability to self heal. But that does not mean leave it up to chance.
** This is the opportunity to live with empowerment and not in fear.

Time frame
1:1 coaching
Email check-ins
2 per week
Best Rate
3 months
90 minutes each month
$99 one month
45 minutes 1:1
1 month
90 minutes
2 weeks
45 minutes

3 Month Sample Plan: BFA Map is the framework using the 3 Doorways (You set the pace)
Month 1 Embrace and apply new information
Month 2 Routine It
Month 3 Refine It

Many life style changes take 3 to 6 months. A three month commitment is ideal for a successful coaching process. The shorter plans are for folks who want to pay as they go rather than pay the upfront fee of $399.00

Email check-ins are only for progress updates, measurable data predetermined through goal planning. They are not coaching sessions. They serve as a mini-diary of personal change and recognizing stumbling blocks or celebrating successes.

There are no refunds if you cannot attend your coaching sessions. If I need to reschedule a coaching time, I will extend your coaching program at no additional cost to you.

Most Coaching calls are scheduled for: 
Weeknights 8 PM 
Saturday Mornings (Eastern Standard Time)
Other times as needed

We need your full participation in the world.  
You can't do it with an impaired brain.

You can do it with a performing brain so you are a positive ripple effect in your community. 

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