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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Save Your Heart in a Way No One Else Will

 Call to Action: Take note of this information if it is brand new to you.  It will help you understand how to take better control of your health. 
This video made by Dr. Darren Schmidt is 2 years old, but the information is still very important. What strikes me is that people are unaware of the Coronary Artery Calcium Score.  It is not invasive and is not a budget wrecker if you pay out of pocket. 

Are you more important that the bureaucratic policy pushers who don't care about you personally?

He makes an important point about calcium build up.  It is a sign that the body tried many times to heal the body and used calcium as a last resort to provide protection.  Calcium does not belong in the heart, as the heart is a muscle that does not get the opportunity to rest like a skeletal muscle.  You already know calcium in the wrong places just as the eyes, kidneys, joints, are problematic, but in the heart it's more than problematic.  He mentioned the patient who had TB and calcium formed an inactive abscess type covering in order to wall off the infection from the lung. 

If you have calcium in the wrong places, thank your body for working hard for you.  Next, give your body better attention and take the steps he mentions to protect your heart.  

Also remember your brain directs the sympathetic nervous system to make the heart work harder when it is necessary, so take care of your brain, as well.  Dr. Schmidt's recommendations also help the brain.  

As far as diabetes goes, all disease is a form of diabetes.  You must approach your diet in this manner.   The insulin test he mentions is much more accurate than a fasting blood glucose or A1C.  These two tests can  be normal on a lab report, but you could still have diabetes and not know it because the body can tolerate dietary insult for a long time before  tissue break down occurs or insulin is at an exhaustive level.  

Let's talk about it at your next visit and set up a ketolox phasing plan that fits your situation.  

Also sign up for the BFA Online Coaching Membership.  

Your brain makes the body and you make your life. 
Do Life Better!!  

P.S.  A heart cath can now be done through the wrist.  Still, it is invasive. 

Get adjusted this week.  Nothing else resets the nervous system like a chiropractic adjustment....
See you at the table....the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

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Dr. Schmidt's Best Heart Video Here: 

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