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Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Muscle Check Engine Light

Early Disease Warning

Call to action: Take care to look more thoroughly at your muscle discomfort.  Don't just blame it on overdoing it in the yard or gym.  If it's happening too often and you don't recover well, something is lacking. 

Muscle Pain*Cramping*Tightness Indicates Cell Death
  • You have more muscle mass than organ mass
  • Muscles pain is noticed first before organ stress
  • Cell death in muscles mirrors a circulatory problem: Metabolic Hypoxia

This gives you opportunity to protect your cells now and prevent failing health.

How to Save Your Cells:

Reduce Toxic Exposure
Boost Your Mitochondria
Avoid the “Food-Like” Toxins
- Grains                -Sugars
- Artificial sugar   -Seed oils
- Legumes           -Caffeine
- Oxalates          -Alcohol

Avoid other Toxins
- heavy metals          -vaccines
- medications         - molds
- cigarette smoke    - EMFs
- bath and body products
- household cleaners
- household chemicals in flooring, furniture, etc.

-boost brain health always
-aid the organs of digestion

Dr. Lisa's Ketolox Phasing
- better blood sugar balance
- better gut health
- supplement with whole food concentrates


Ketosis / Intermittent fasting

Proper sleep / Don't eat before bed

Reduce mental stress

Understand that normal cellular metabolism of energy usage creates waste products that will overload the detox system if stress wins this tug-of-war.

Oxygen deprivation happens at the capillaries due to stagnation and inflammation. Pain is a sign of lack of oxygen.

See you at the table.
The adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa 
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

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