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Friday, November 29, 2019

Six Ways to Suffocate Your Tissues

Call to Action: Give your brain what it needs with the BFA Protocol.  Need some hints on how to feed the brain?

Your innate intelligence is the inner healer. And, you'd better know how you can be your innate's assistant manager.  

I hope you'd rather heal your tissues, but understanding where the damage comes from helps you turn around and head in the opposite direction. 

In this blog post I want to share with you my favorite video from Darren Schmidt's channel.  I have permission to share this and he encourages his audience to teach each other.   This is the 3rd or fourth time I've listened to it.  The information covers where diet goes wrong and how to make it right. 

The beginning part covers the latest discoveries regarding calcificying nanoparticles. They are nasty and get stuck in our bodies pretty easily. It sounds complicated at first, but listen twice and it will sink in.  It's a long video, but very informative and the ending includes audience questions that you don't want to miss.

He talks about the 6 causes of heart disease, with calcifying nanoparticles as one cause.  Remember, all parts of the body are exposed to these insults, so it also goes for the brain, liver, muscles, etc. 

1- Seed oils because they deplete Vit K2 (K2 helps keep your arteries clear of plaque).
 2- Sugar glycates arterial walls (sugar is a sticky, plastic-like coating).
3- Chest pain and muscle weakness is due to a deficiency of heme iron (eat red meat).
4- Structurally weak arteries comes from insufficient protein (eat more meat). [He'll tell you about his vegan patient who has mini-strokes]
5- 1 or more of the 4 blood clotting factors are dysfunctional
6- Calcifying nanoparticles (They end up anywhere: kidney or gall stones, plaques, cysts, fibroids, cataracts, brain, cancers, driving inflammation, auto-immune attacks, etc.)  Nanobactx is one solution. (At 22:30 in the video.)

What are the blood clotting factors?
     1- lipoprotein a    (ketosis reduces it)
     2- homocysteine   (Methylated B vitamins reduces it, Cataplex B)
     3- fibrinogen   (ketosis reduces it)
     4- C-reactive protein  (ketosis reduces it)

Enjoy the video: 


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