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Friday, October 25, 2019

What Happens When You Walk Out the Door?


Call to Action: Assess your stress response behaviors.  What are you doing well?  What should you immediately change?  

You came in the office for your regular maintenance adjustment just like all the other visits.

You received your adjustment for the specific purpose of turning on the floodgates of healing energy so the brain is well connected to the body.

You mention your stress and what's been keeping you occupied with some mild worry, or maybe a lot of worry.  You appreciate your opportunity to get adjusted and I appreciate your enthusiasm.  Thank you.  😀😀

But what happens when you step back out of the door way and head back into your life?  You take about 15 minutes of stress-escape when you're on the adjusting table.  But you have to go back into your world and face more stress.

Are we keeping up?  Is your self-care as intense as the stress?  Can we make your chiropractic adjustments more powerful by reducing some of the stress that incites inflammation, hormonal burnout and brain drain?

Yes we can!!  

If you're reading your weekly handouts, you can evaluate yourself and decide what areas of your self-care can be ramped up.  

Have you picked up my most recent handouts?
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- What WOE Are You?
- What is Metabolic Hypoxia?
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What to do next:
I encourage you to take notes on what you've read, so you can ask me questions at your next visit.

Refer back to the BFA Template I have given out to everyone and decide what area of self-care you want to focus on.

Schedule a time for a STAR Session.

Sign up for the BFA Coaching program.  These emails will help you become more systematic with stress management and I will answer questions from participants twice a week in these emails, as well. 

See you soon!

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What is a STAR Session?

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

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