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Saturday, February 03, 2018

How a Nonsense Culture is Harming Health and the Easiest Solutions are Ignored

Insurance Companies Caused this Disease: Why You Must Be a Strong Advocate for Yourself

Find out why this medical doctor was not embarrassed to be photographed in diapers as he was dying.

Go to 40:00 mark of the video to learn how insurance companies created this disease.

Go to 40:59 to find out why this problem is missed on blood work.
Yahoo  female chiropractor auburn, ny 13021

Do you know someone who has:
normal blood work but feels very sick all the time
pale skin
difficulty eating
poor apetite
neurocognitive disorders
brain atrophy
rage/mood swings
balance problems
memory problems
learning disorders
cervical dysplasia on pap smear
back pain/radiculpathy
stomach problems
food sensitivities
macular degeneration
multiple falls/shakiness
nerve damage
compulsive behavior
restless leg
chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia
chest pain
erectile dysfunction
low stomach acid
celiac disease
pancreas insufficiency
had stomach surgery

Do you know someone who:
 takes birth control pills
 takes statin drugs
 takes metformin
 takes synthetic B9, folic acid
 takes medicine for heart burn
 is a vegetarian
 is a vegetarian who is breast feeding
 is pregnant
 is over age 50

Watch this eye opening documentary about Vitamin B-12 deficiency and learn why most doctors don't acknowledge it or treat it.

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