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Monday, February 19, 2018

America Promotes Sickness: Thanks, But No Thanks

Until you know how sick you are, you don't know how well you can be. 

America promotes sickness.  We have to accept it and work very carefully on avoiding this sickness mentality.  If we don't practice discernment, we will lose control of our lives. 

Another school shooting has occurred and people are debating each other harshly on how the prevent future tragedies. I get it.  We trust others around us to not inflict harm.  The golden rule.... and then this happens. 

Now, we have an individual who "lost control" and people are demanding more ways to control each other, and gun control is the major topic because of we look at the last thing that happened rather than back track to the earlier dilemmas. 

I'd like to take a deeper look at the problem.  It began years ago in this young man.  It began decades ago for the rest of us.   We have the awful consequence of generational sickness being passed on from sick parent to sick offspring. I'm not talking about poverty. I'm talking about a brain sickness from stress hormones and inflammation. 

The individual who was arrested last week, was adopted but his adoptive parents are now both deceased.  Police were familiar with him and people knew he was a youth at risk.  We can analyze his life from birth to arrest and argue how the system failed at protecting the public.

Now, I want to pose a different theory that is difficult to swallow, but needs to be heard.  We all have the same sickness, but it doesn't come to this extreme point for most of us. 

When I say generational sickness, it stems from a  deficiency of routine physiological and psychological needs for brain health.

Brain deficient parents can't help brain deficient children.
Brain deficient teachers can't help brain deficient children.
Brain deficient doctors can't help brain deficient children.
Brain deficient therapists can't help  brain deficient families.

Brain deficient professionals can't help.
The courts run by brain deficient people can't help.
Government programs run by brain deficient civil servants  can't help.

The sick can't help the sick.

You have to decide what side of stubborn you want to stand on.

To address your brain deficiency, (and please realize there are many wonderful activities that can make a difference)  watch the office orientation video and then make an appointment to discuss your individual situation.  While the video covers the brain benefits of chiropractic care, we can go into more detail on the societal problems that have contributed to our brain sickness and how to find the balance in a overwhelming world.  

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