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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

You're Not Getting Adjusted Enough

My kid is 13 and a half, I can publicly write about his early days.  I don't think his friends read my blog.  

I adjusted him during his first week of life.  I would have adjusted him sooner, (as in day 1) but I was enthralled with his baby-ness.  I was getting to know him, I was staring at him, holding him, watching him sleep as we were trying to put more finesse in the whole mechanics of breast feeding.  (It takes close to a week in reality. It's a good thing babies are well nourished in utero.) 

By the way, that is not a picture of him in the upper corner, but it is an example of what he had to deal with as an infant with a touch of jaundice.  

I specifically remember at one point while in the hospital around the third day, he was acting too lethargic for my liking.  I knew he needed to be adjusted.  I think it was his 2nd adjustment because I adjusted him a couple of days earlier before we were headed back to the hospital.  To me it was stressful to keep putting him back in the bassinet under the lights, only holding him to feed him.  I wanted him to be sound asleep each time before setting him back down. Over all it was not an ideal way to live the first week of your life.  

So, when no one was looking, since it's nice to not have distractions, I adjusted him.  The immediate change in his body tension was evident.  His skin took on a better, brighter color.  His facial expression was much more relaxed.  I was literally watching the life speed up and circulate through his body.  

I was pleased. I had enough of this unnatural environment and was ready to get home.  He was so much perkier after that adjustment and we were soon to be discharged from the hospital.  

Here's the point.  The first few days of life were already stressful for a new person. The entire birth process is made more stressful than it needs to be.  A happy baby floating around in warm fluid has to suffer through the horrible swaddling of a dry, scratchy blanket right at birth.  What else do we do to make a baby's life traumatic?  Yes, a lot of adjustments are needed to calm down a shocked nervous system.

That goes for the rest of us.  Infants, toddlers, children, teens, and adults experience loads of brain stimulation that is more distressing than soothing.  The challenges are always there.  They are just different. So, get adjusted.  

Stress never takes a day off.  And your spine doesn't take a day off.  Give your spine and nervous system a life saving reboot on a regular basis. 

Just a reminder:  Here's what happens when the spine is under stress and what can happen when the adjustment frees up the spine. 

What happens when you are subluxated:

Cortisol increases
Blood sugar increases
Leptin decreases & belly fat increases
Hormones become dysfunctional
Hypothalamus becomes dysfunctional
Thyroid becomes dysfunctional
Adrenals become fatigued
Metabolism slows
Blood pressure increases
You can't sleep
You have no energy
(and more...... not enough room here.......)

What happens when you release subluxations with adjustments:

Decreases pro-inflaming cytokines (bad guys)
Increases pro-regulatory cytokines (good guys)
Increases CD-4 helpter T-cells (good guys)
Blocks TNF (bad guys)
Decreases CRP (bad guys)

The Adjustment Influences the Prefrontal Cortex of the Brain
(the conductor of the whole brain)
movement coordination
thinking focus
behavior goal directed tasks
decision making memory attention
pain processing emotional response to pain
autonomic function (just about everything)
motor control eye movement spacial awareness
fall prevention muscle strength
pelvic floor control mental rotation of objects

The Potential to Heal Is Waiting the be Unleashed!

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