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Monday, January 04, 2016

Why Prevention Programs Miss the Mark

(Auburn, NY, chiropractic healing news)

Dr. Candace Pert has been one of the most influential "new biology" researchers in our time. If you ever want to read a good book about the evolution of health care thinking, open up her book titled Molecules of Emotion.

The following quote from pg 285 demonstrates how she grew as a lifelong learner from the restraining halls of the “old science” laboratory to her independence as a mind-body researcher. She also explains why I believe most prevention programs are insufficient:

“For most of us, the very words healthy lifestyle conjures up images of low-fat meals, daily exercise regimens, and the elimination of alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs. While these are good, health enhancing strategies—and I’ll have something to say about them from the point of view of the peptide network – what’s missing for most of us is any focus on ongoing, daily, emotional self-care. We tend to deal with the physical aspects of keeping ourselves healthy and ignore the emotional dimension – our thoughts and feelings, even our spirits, our souls. Yet, in light of the new knowledge about emotions and the psychosomatic network, it’s obvious that they, too, are a part of our responsibility to manage our own health.”
She takes a stance on science and spirit being compatible:

"I have come to believe that science, at its very core, is a spiritual endeavor." Pg. 315
She shows how we can take charge of our health by understanding the power of our psychology. But we tend to ignore this reality because it can't be grasped in an x-ray, blood test or prescription pad. Most doctors know who will do well and who will suffer. Even with total compliance with a doctor's instructions there are those who will worsen or die because they are disconnected from the non-physical aspects of their existence which ultimately disconnects them from the their physical body parts that keep them alive and healthy.

How does this translate into everyday life? We can begrudgingly follow a prevention type lifestyle with our emotional hearts feeling a cold reception, especially when fear is the motivator. There is a mutual exchange of gratitude between the physical and nonphysical that makes up the living person. If this energy is not cherished and nurtured, both the body and "Thinking-Feeling-Expressive-Spirit" will die...and not always at the same time.

This is why prevention programs do only half the job and people still get frustrated with their results. Drug companies capitalize on this fact. Listen to the ads that say diet and exercise are not enough. They are correct but a drug will never nurture your Thinking-Feeling-Expressive-Spirit.

Go back to your prevention plan and tweak a few things. Ask your chiropractor to help you get over the plateau. Get adjusted more often because it is the most unique way to reconnect your body with your Thinking-Feeling-Expressive-Spirit. Remind yourself that the little things you do add up even though they seem insignificant. This is the nurturing side of the Thinking-Feeling-Expressive-Spirit.

Dr. John Demartini has a great quote:
"Your bodies' signs and symptoms are a feedback mechanism to help you be true to yourself."
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