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Thursday, June 21, 2012

What Do Short Cuts Really Mean?


You take a short cut when driving to avoid traffic.  Makes sense.
Do you take short cuts when cooking?  Sometimes.  You can make a cake with applesauce instead of oil.
Do you take short cuts when building a house.  Well, we know what happened to the three pigs!

Chiropractic is more than feeling better.  You can take a short cut anytime to feel better.
Chiropractic is about understanding our creation was no accident.  Body functions are very deliberate.  We understand that working with the body makes more sense than doing things that go against the natural laws of biology.

Being drug free is one of the best ways to understand this.  Avoiding drugs requires really knowing what it takes to make your body strong and efficient.

As your chiropractor, I thank you and salute you for taking the time to do things right.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

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