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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finally someone who's been there and understands our health buying concerns

Hey friends!

I signed up to learn more about Beyond Organic, a cutting edge new company. Basically, its founder, Jordan Rubin, is someone I really admire. He was near death and cured himself with unadulterated foods that are hard to find. He then founded a successful nutritional supplement company.

Now he is doing something that has my attention. He has spent the last two years acquiring land to raise healthy, grassfed beef and dairy, as well as the “purest natural spring water” in the United States.

These organic products will be life changing because of their uncompromising nutritional content. Unlike his supplements, they won’t be available in stores—you have to order them directly from his farm.

Along with great products, customers can earn money by sharing the Beyond Organic story. Below is a link to sign up and learn more. You can sign up free for more information. There is no financial commitment until September.

This is the best time to explore Beyond Organic’s mission and products.

Let me know what you think!


Dr. Lisa Ann Homic

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