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Sunday, February 13, 2011

65% Are Fat & Sick: Don't Follow This Crowd

  • Some people are sick.
    Some are sick and don't know it.
    The rest try to live well but hit roadblocks all along the way.

    There is something so terribly wrong when a statistic states there are more overweight people than thin people. Yesterday, I was listening to a radio show that was discussing the rarity of overweight school aged children many decades ago. Now, in a classroom of 30 kids, 10 of them are overweight or obese!

    As a whole, we are paying attention to very ineffective interventions and ignoring the real problems.

    Another complaint I have is this:
    If you google "can you be overweight and healthy" the articles are full of opinions that are all over the place. Some say you can be healthy and overweight and some say there is a very strong risk of metabolic syndrome if the person doesn't already have it. READ MY PAST ARTICLES ON METABOLIC SYNDROME

    If 65% of Americans are overweight or obese, we are believing a full set of lies about health and lifestyle.

    Here's a short list of lies and poorly disseminated information:

    You must take prescription drugs for health risks such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, osteoporosis

    High fructose corn syrup, or the new version "corn sugar" is similar to sucrose or table sugar made from cane or beets.

    Artifical sweeteners are good choices especially for diabetics

    Low fat cooking is healthy

    Whole grains are important in the diet

    Losing weight only requires eating less and exercising more

    The produce aisle is the healthiest place in the grocery store

    The food guide pyramid is correct

    The American Diabetic Association recommendations are healthy

    Children who don't perform well in school have attention problems

    Children don't play enough outside

    Dairy is important for strong bones

    Supplements are not necessary if the diet has variety

    There is no easy answer but there are easy explanations. Putting better habits into play is very difficult. The number one thing we have to do is turn our backs on big lobbies. In our capitalistic society we have to give "the little guy" a chance.

    Who are the little guys?

    Mike Adams and Dr. Joseph Mercola instead of the AMA and other large associations. Mike Adams and Dr. Joseph Mercola are in pursuit of safe, natural health. They point out the dangers of drugs especially the drugs that are taught to be the best way to deal with a disease. Dr. Mercola began selling products not to make money but to pay for the many lawsuits many angry groups file against him. He offers safer, intelligent options and he gets sued. He does win, but it costs him.

    Your local farms that grass feed and use organic practices. Mass farming is cheaper but very risky for our environment and health. GMO crops are creating diseases we will be unable to face in the future. Is cancer on the rise because of chemicals in farming and genetically manipulated seeds? By the way, Certified Organic Credentialing is so expensive, many small farms follow organic practices but do not seek the designation. Get to know the owners personally and ask they will proudly talk about their farming practices.

    Your local dairy that does not pasteurize. Unpasteurized is the only healthy milk to drink. End of Story. Visit the Real Milk site for more information.

    Supplements your natural health practitioners personally take, not products from GNC, Walmart, or Kinneys.We research how the products are made. If you aren't feeling better on store-shelf products, you're not buying bioavailable products. You can buy quality at a fair price, if you are committed to it.

    Natural health practitioners who emphasize realistic low carb eating. What does that mean? You have to ask me to find out.

    I know how hard it is to shake the health lies you grew up with. I had to go through the same internal fights. But that's what it is: internal. You make the decision to change your mind. But you never have to do it alone. It feels like you are alone, but you've got to stop believing what those 65% believe.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.
--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate for True Informed Consent


Live Fully Today............

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