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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Could Your Lifestyle be Unhealthy and You Just Don't Know It?

Can you answer these questions?

1) How much gluten do you eat in a day?

If you can't answer this in 2 seconds, you have degenerative health issues due to what you are eating.

2) Do you know why vegetables by themselves are not as healthy as they could be?

Answer it, quickly!

3) Do you know if you are overloaded with heavy metals and chemicals?

First Line Therapy is a health coaching program that teaches us how to modify lifestyle for optimal health. Most of us have many bad habits, and we also assume we eat a balanced diet. The environment also plays a role in how we metabolize foods in a way that is causing us harm.

First Line Therapy is based on TLC, therapeutic lifestyle change.

Leading health organizations now recommend TLC as the "first line of therapy" for treating and reducing the risk of common conditions such as:

•High cholesterol
•High blood pressure
•Metabolic syndrome
•Type 2 diabetes
•Cardiovascular disease
•Conditions related to aging
Lifestyle choices are also the key to addressing other health concerns and symptoms, such as:

•Hormone imbalance
•Low sex drive
•Stress-related symptoms
•Poor memory or lack of mental clarity
•And many others

First Line Therapy is available through the office. Watch this video and ask me how you can get involved.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate

Vital Aging

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