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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reformed Doctor Reveals Dirty Secrets

I was on a phone seminar with medial doctor, Dr. Dennis Harper and international cleansing coach, Peter Greenlaw. They are writing a book together about the sorry state of our food supply and how toxins in our air and water are also contributing to poor health.

Since eating has made us sick, eating will not make us well anymore. Even the healthiest, most organic foods are contaminated, which is very sad.

The information is out there for those who seek it. I am seeking it and sharing it with you. I have some dirty secrets that Dr. Harper revealed which explains a great deal why our sickness industry has such an impact on society by making some corporations rich while we are dying slowly and miserably.

Dr. Harper has been in general medical practice for 20 years and was instrumental in getting the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) implemented in 1994. Dr. Harper is a voting member of the American Osteopathic Association, President of Physicians for Progressive Medicine, Chairman for the licensing board for the state of Utah and a Fellow for the Federation of State Medical Boards. Dr. Harper is the author of “Cleansing for Life: Nature’s Best Kept Health Secret.”

Dr. Harper's Secret #1

Dr. Harper stated he learned in medical school over twenty years ago that a good practice has about 1,000 patients revolving in and out of its doors. Speaking for myself, in twenty years I have only been to the MD's office for two issues and one was my pregnancy. The first time was a waste because it was for a bad cold and I just needed to stay in bed. During my pregnancy, I can say now, more than half of the doctor visits were unnecessary. I suppose if you have the same people revolving in and out of the office, it is a successful business.

The first rule for entrepreneurs is to ask for repeat business or focus on a product that requires rebuying such as soap, food, and ... I guess that includes prescription drugs especially refills.

Dr. Lisa's Law: Let me throw this in: drugs should only be used inside a hospital, during surgery and with emergency procedures. Once you are discharged from the hospital you should be off all medications. If that is not the case, they did not do their job correctly. It's not because HMO's are reducing hospital times to save money. It is because we have not been taught how to maintain health and deal properly with a dangerous food supply.

Dr. Harper's Secret #2

"Dieting should be illegal." This is a direct quote from Dr. Harper. Our food supply is already sparse in nutrition. It is double jeopardy to restrict ourselves. Dieting makes no sense when we are already starving and we are going to cut back even more. It takes 12 apples in 2010 to get the same nutrition of an apple picked in 1976.

Dr. Harper's Secret #3

Dr. Harper faced the music and gave up on his skepticism thanks to his brother. He saw his brother get healthy results without any exercise, so he had to try it for himself. Now Dr. Harper wants to get people off of their medications and he switched his approach. He tried nutritional cleansing on his worst patients as a last resort. Now it is his first resort on everybody!

Dr. Harper's Secret #4

This really isn't a secret but it is a rumor that has just been proven. We are now creating new fat cells as an evolutionary need to combat all the contamination in our environment. The body's wisdom is trying to save us, but the fat is killing us.

** ** **

Put his dirty secrets to work for you!

While we have talked about nutritional cleansing as a way to jump start the body into great health with amazing weight loss as a natural side effect, we really should be talking about nutritional density.

If it isn't alarming that our food supply is pathetic, then you don't need to read the rest of this article. It takes a personal conviction to give up most of what is in our shopping carts and still feel insecure about what is remaining.

What's next?
It is time to utilize a nutritional cleanse that Dr. Harper says is the best he has ever tried to obtain what you can no longer get from food.

To Be Continued...

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